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Jovanka Seslija
11/150 – 152 Chuter Ave, Sans Souci, 2219 NSW
Phone: [protected]
To whom it may concern
Re: Official lodgement of complaint of services rendered
I am writing to express my complete and utter disappointment in my experiences with Harvey Norman Liverpool while trying to purchase timber flooring for my place of residence.
Last year I bought Bamboo timber flooring from Harvey Norman's Liverpool location. Considering I am a customer with no experience at all with this product and the processes involved, I went to the store under the impression that I would be helped by experienced sales staff; and that my job would be completed to a high standard given Harvey Norman is such a reputable, well respected organisation.
I asked to be shown some Bamboo timber flooring. After being shown a product by the sales person, my comment was that the colour was nice. He proceeded to ask me the required, and we had a normal conversation in relation metres required and a price was quoted. 70 square metres at $3880.00 was agreed upon. My brother assisted in the delivery to my home.
The first comment from my installer was on the thinness of the product – he had not seen timber flooring so thin. I commented that this was purchased from Harvey Norman, how could this be a substandard product? I advised him to proceed with the installation.
Several days after installation of the product the timber was moving under my feet, on walking over the floor it was not firm and moved while being walked on – this occurred over the entire area. It was my uninformed assumption that the timber required 'settling time'. I was mistaken. This was the beginning of a very frustrating and unacceptable incident.
I contacted the installer and he said the installation was done entirely according to standard, but as he had previously mentioned to me, the timber is entirely too long, thin and narrow. (10 mm x 90 mm x 185 mm). Entirely unsuitable. The floor never did settle, feeling solid and in place on the floor in an appropriate manner.
In March of this year, the flooring began lifting, in all areas. It was then I returned to Harvey Norman to express my concern and explain the issue in full in hope of rectifying my situation that was becoming increasingly stressful to not only me, but my elderly parents who also reside in my home. The gentleman I met (Rynal) with advised he would come and inspect my floor, and this did occur a few days later. His opinion was the installer did not allow enough room for movement and that a larger gap (expansion) should have been allowed. This allowance should have been 16mm due to San Souci's high humidity level.
I then proceeded to instruct my installer to reinstall the flooring making allowance for the 16mm gap. The floor was laid again in accordance to Harvey Norman's instruction of the 16mm gap. This was commenced by my installer at a considerable inconvenience to my household with the exact same result – the flooring was moving and instable again. After completing one room, I instructed him to cease the reinstallation until I could receive further advice from Harvey Norman. I contacted the same person that inspected the situation previously. Prior to this I made many investigative enquiries as to the thickness of the product in attempt to understand why this situation was turning out so badly. I had a discussion with him about the product being too thin (nobody is selling 10 mm bamboo flooring), and he advised me that Harvey Norman has the exclusive right to design and create products in any way they see fit, and he agreed to contact Head Office and I would receive return correspondence in 48 hours. This time elapsed and after many phone calls from me I was advised someone else would come to my home and reinspect. Some days after this the same gentleman arrived and took some measurements. I also mentioned that timber board from the packet) is not straight and he took some photos of them.
It was at this time I asked him of the possibility that I be refunded the cost of materials so I could purchase a product at the correct standard thickness. He advised they do have a 14mm thickness but due to the cost I would be required to pay the difference. He offered installation and all together would cost me additionally about $4.900. He also advised he would see if he could reduce the cost of the difference if possible.
I was in shock at the realisation I would have to pay so much more for this situation that was becoming untenable. He then promised he would call me back that Friday afternoon. I waited till Monday until I called again, and at this stage I put to them that they were misguiding me intentionally and I asked to speak to someone at Management level. He did not provide me with a number for anyone at this level, but advised I would be contacted. I received a phone call from a representative called Justin ??? informing me he would be at my home in one hour. He attended and I proceeded to explain the entire situation from the beginning. When I mentioned the gap required by Harvey Norman's staff required, he said this bigger gap was actually not needed, and this was not required by the installer. He stated the surface underneath the timber is not level. (not flat enough)
This caused further stress as I know my installer checked this again on reinstallation. Given this situation was becoming intolerable and somewhat out of control I requested he write me a report. It has been over ten days without a response. I find myself incredulous that a reputable company is not assisting me in any way to resolve this situation, and this is not acceptable. My elderly parents have been forced out of their home and I seek a resolution as a matter of urgency.
I am asking once again about possibility to get money back and I will try to organise something else, even if I already lost $3.500 for the installing.
I hope you will understand my situation. Thanks in advance. If you do not response in a satisfactory way, I will lodge an official complaint to the Consumer Affairs asking for the compensation for myself and my elderly parents (85 years old people) for mental, physical and financial distress caused by this.
With regards,
Jovanka Seslija

May 12, 2017
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  •   May 12, 2017

    Hi Jovanka, thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. I noticed you've submitted a case into our system regarding your experience with the store. Please note that I will also be following this up with the proprietor, and our national flooring GM. Kindest regards,
    Karl - HN Customer Service Team

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