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Harvey Norman, Palmerston North, New Zealand / bad sales & phone service.. deal not followed through by staff member

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This is how I came to complain about Harvey Norman on this site.
Today, Saturday 18th October, I visited the Harvey Norman store on Main Street in Palmerston North, with my mother to purchase a 37' Lcd, and other appliances.
Once inside we looked at various LCDs as they were having a huge sale that ends tomorrow.
We were greeted by sales clerk Rebecca, who was really friendly. we advised her that we were interested in purchasing the Phillips 37' Lcd that was on sale, which she took note of, in her notebook, then we asked about microwaves, in which she showed us a variety of, we settled on a LG Wide 34litre microwave, which she noted in her book. From here we went and looked at universal remotes. located by their counter, and pc monitors.
We then looked at a Toshiba 20' pc monitor and advised we would also like to add that particular model to our shopping list, which she again noted in her notebook. We then went and looked at vacumm, in particular an Electrolux. we liked, therefore advised her we will also purchase this product.
She also convinced us to purchase the Lcd/Plasma screen cleaning kit, which we agreed.
we also needed a vga cable to connect the Toshiba pc monitor to our hardrive at home which we added to our list

Here's why I am complaining!!!
Phillips 37' HD Ready LCD - $995.00
Toshiba 20' PC Monitor - $499.00
LG Wide 34 Litre Microwave - $219.00
Electrolux Ergospace Vacumm - $199.00
VGA Cable - $89.00
LCD/Plasma Screen Clean Kit - $89.00

The above items is what we wanted to purchase, the total being $2090.00 and asked the staff member we were dealing with, what deal could she give us in regards to purchasing the above items in cash... she advised she will look into this and try and give us the best deal possible..
after waiting around in the store for 1/2 hour she came back with her quote for the above items we intended to buy and what a wicked deal it was... WE WERE QUOTED $1544.00 TOTAL for the above items( doulble checked with her to make sure).. Now thats what i call an awsome sale!! we were on cloud nine for being quoted a price worth shopping for..and too good too be true..
Alas it was...with this wicked price in our heads, we walked over to the cashiers desk with our lovely sales clerk carrying the microwave and vacumm, vga cable and lcd/plasma screen clean kit.
Paid the total of $1558 cash and was advised to pick up lcd from their HN warehouse on the other side of town, address that was given for their warehouse was Tremaine Ave, so with our lovely purchases and awsome deal in our heads we headed to our car and loaded the items, where i realised we didnt have our toshiba 20'c monitor, thinking that we had to pick this item up at their warehouse with the 37' lcd, i headed back instore to our sales clerk to check if this was the case... unfortunately all she could say was 'sorry' and grabed a box that contained the monitor and carried it for me to the cashiers desk... where she then advised me that i had to pay $499.. I said that it was included in the quote she herself had given me before we made payment, again all i got was 'sorry' no other explanation given...HOW PISSED OFF I WAS!!! False sales quotes... not a bloody good look for the store.. as it turned out we hadnt been given a deal at all... Loss of our bussiness now due to one staff members incompetence at following through with a given cash quote.. ended up getting a refund for the vga cable for pc as we didnt have the monitor to connect to, hence the reason for getting the cable!!
Totally pissed, left the store as their warehouse was closing in 45 mins. following the directions given by her, the sales clerk, I set off to their warehouse. Driving along from one end of Tremaine ave to the other end ( its one straight long, long road), keeping a look out for the HN name, we couldnt find the bloody place!! I ended pulling over and phoning the HN number and asking where their warehouse was located exactly, I was told its located by the railway station, which i passed driving along tremaine. I also asked how do i make a complaint as i was not happy with the final service at the store and that i was also frustrated about being given the wrong address, the lady was speaking with just laughed and said there are no managers available as its the weekend and that i can ring on monday. I advised that this was not funny and will definitely be calling on monday...RUDE< RUDE<RUDE service.
So i make the trip back along tremaine ave to the railway station vicinity only to find no bloody HN warehouse..REALLY PIISSED now i ended up stopping on side of road and asking a nice elderly gentlemen if he might know where the HN warehouse is... to my surprise he did, as he used to work a couple doors down from the HN warehouse... and what do ya know, the HN warehouse address is 16 Downing str, which is a side street off tremaine ave... not the blimmin address we were given 1st and then 2nd...his directions so easy!!
LCD PICKED UP WITH 10 mins to spare...
We had planned to shop in Harvey Norman during the week to purchase other appliances but now they will not get our service, and will definitely advise friends and family, co workers etc of our overall unhappy service, particularly this PN store and the ones who man their phones... because word of mouth goes a long, long way.


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  • Su
      14th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    diddums.your life must be so hard.a salesperson made a mistake.its really not that big a deal.suck it you big whiny cry baby.

  • Da
      4th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Maybe you should have checked your list and added it up, then you may have noticed it missing I find it so amusing you find it someone else's fault. Its not the same as going home with your fish and chips and the oysters are missing you had a written quote and an itemised receipt.

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