Harvey Norman / massage cover $149

I went to harvey Norman highpoint in Victoria 3012. After waiting around looking for so come to serve me, a young female sales person walked by and I asked if I could have a look and test out a massage chair cover for $149. Her reply was no sorry we don't have any on display. I said OK that's fine not to worry what if I purchased it today, tried it at home today and if it's not want I was looking for May I return the next day. No was the answer, they only refund if it has a technical fault etc. So as I am surprised looking at her I said, so what I spend the $150 on a massage chair that I am not allowed to try before I buy and if it's not any good im stuck with it.after standing there in silence for a bit she walks off and I said don't worry I'll go to the good guys.
I get too the good guys and yes I was allowed to try the massage chair in store from the salesman. Yes I did purchase this product and I'm actually speechless at the lack of care shown by harvey Norman. I have purchased a lounge suite, beds a TV for my house from Harvey in the past but seems to me if you aren't willing to spend large amounts of money than the sales team doesn't want to know you. Shame on you guys, I will not be buying a single thing from any of your stores ever again. Shame really since I really like going in there to buy stuff for my house.

Aug 06, 2018

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