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I've decided to share my complaint here due to the fact that I can find no way of contacting Harvey Norman's directly apart from their regular phone number. I see no point in calling that number because I will be put through to the store manager who my complaint is actually about!

To explain, I went in to Harvey Norman on the weekend during their stocktake sale and was quite surprised to see the store was actually relatively quiet. I headed straight for the camera counter and then proceeded to wait there for 10 minutes while the only person in sight served another customer. Now I don't mind waiting because she was there first but I was not even acknowledged during this time! I kept looking around trying to catch anothers sales assistants attention but there were none around. There was no way I was leaving the counter incase I lost my place to be served. Eventually the sales assistant went to leave with the customer to go phone in a loan or something and he still didn't say anything to me and I was VERY clearly waiting for his attention. I had to interrupt him as he walked away to ask if he could find someone else to help me. He just rolled his eyes and said the store was short staffed! Well I was about to walk out until the store manager appeared behind the camera counter. I stupidly thought that I would now be able to get some proper service. Ha think again! Barry Goodwin was the most arrogant, ignorant and lazy person I have encountered at Harvey Norman. He would't make eye contact. Wouldn't admit to a lack of knowledge in the areas I needed help. And gave me ridiculously incorrect information! I was offering a sale over $3000 worth of lenses and I was treated like dirt on his shoe. I used to buy all my electrical goods from Harvey Norman but now I'm going to avoid it at all costs. I have also told everyone I know to avoid the shop and pretty much everyone agrees with my reasons.

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  • Ne
      Jul 08, 2010

    I understand where your coming from, I've had numerous experiences with HM and ALL of them bad!! all they want is our money. Ever after purchase service is horrible, I made the mistake of buying a camera from them as a gift, 2 weeks later the camera's stopped working. Here's what happened, ask the girl at the counter, she say "sorry...can't help, I'll get you a senior" 15 minutes later finally!!! I say "hi there, I purchased this camera two weeks ago and has since stopped working, can you please help" then the guy has a look and DROPS IT on the floor "just give me a moment I have to get the manager".

    I waited for more than a half hour, I would have left but I wanted my money back. Finally talking with the manager he finally discerns that I have damaged the camera (my friend he means)!! now all hell breaks loose, I checked the camera before coming into the store, it looked brand new UNTIL that staff member dropped it!! Cutting it short they wouldn't swap or repair under warranty due to I apparently damaging it, since then I have talked to retail ombudsmen and other facets giving the answer of a $1000 paid out by the store. But now heres the best part the camera dropper has since been fired for damage of products both instore and of customers which he has done several times and the manager has since been demoted to check out man.

    I wont be going to harveys any more

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  • Ad
      Oct 06, 2010

    You are both idiots.

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  • Cb
      Dec 20, 2010

    Hi Guys,
    I understand you both are having issues with the Mackay Harvey Norman Store. I understand that your issues were a little while back. However, if you either call Harvey Norman's head office in Flemington NSW on [protected] or email [protected]
    You might not be able to get the perfect answer, however, you may be able to get some sort of gratitude.

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  • Wi
      May 27, 2011

    Is this why barry godwin got the sack? lol

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  • Ca
      Oct 24, 2015

    I sent an email this morning regarding a complaint I had. I am not sure it sent correctly so I am sending another one. Yesterday I had the misfortune of ringing your company and my call got answered by one of your receptionists. She answered the phone "Harvey Norman, how can I direct your call". I asked to speak to Debbie in the stove and oven section because I wanted to enquire about a Pyro Induction Upright Oven worth around $6000.00. Her response was "hold on". I have never come across such a rude receptionist before in my life and I cannot understand why a company as big as Harvey Norman cannot even employ a receptionist with good manners. I am absolutely appalled by this so I have decided to do my shopping at The Good Guys.

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  • Se
      Dec 27, 2015

    Yes - my experience as well. Please Gerry Harvey address your staff now about their customer service skills ( start with the staff who answer the phone in your external office - I think they are contractors) and then address the PA to the CEO - she is a most rude person who goes home without addressing customer complaints. Some staff hang up on customers.

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