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Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
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On Sunday 08/01/17 I purchased a fitbit blaze fitness watch from Harvey Norman Bathurst. ( I live in Cowra, over 100km away)

I enquired about the watches and the salesman advised me on the fitbit BLAZE. He went and got one for me to try. I was happy enough with it but it was blue. I asked him for a black one. He went out the back and got the black one for me.

I made my purchase etc and left the store.

Ive come to work today and brought the watch (unopened) with me so that I can set it all up during my lunch break.

I have noticed it is the blue watch. Basically he went out and grabbed the same colour. I do not want the blue watch.

I rang Harvey Norman Bathurst where I purchased the watch from and explained the situation to them. They said to bring the watch back into the store and they will swap it over.

The problem is that I do not live in Bathurst so I asked if I could send the watch by a courier (I work for a freight company) and have the watched exchanged.

I was told no, it was not acceptable to receive the watch by post or courier.

I will not be able to get back over to Bathurst for months.

I know that there would be policies in place regarding these situations and I understand that if I were just to change my mind regarding the colour then maybe not acceptable. BUT, this was not my fault. I specifically asked for a black watch. The salesman went out back to get the black watch and I ended up with the blue watch. So now, because of the salesman's mistake, I have to pay the consequences. How am I able to exchange the watch with out taking the time on a weekend and waste of fuel etc to exchange it.

Ive spent a lot of money at Harvey Norman over the years and this has really upset me. I know it is only a minor complaint but I didn't get the product I purchased. I will now have to wait months before I get to Bathurst and that's 3 months of warranty wasted as well.

Thank you

Jan 8, 2017

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