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Harlem Furniture / Harlem sold my couch from under me, after taking my money.

1 Hillside, IL, United States

Went to Harlem on 3/31/08 to purchase a couch and chair and after debating between a few I opted for a nice black leather set.

However, the pushy sales woman (Selina) was like a shadow the entire time even saying "give me your cell number and maybe we can go for coffee", to which I replied, "Sorry Im here to buy a couch not find a date".

I paid $154 down payment/deposit with the balance going to the Harlem Charge Card with 12 mths interest free. I stated that I would be expecting the delivery at the end of May 08 and would contact them at that time.

At that point I left the store with a HUGE headache from dealing with the above person for now close to 2 hours.

May 30th comes around and having paid a further $200 into the card balance, I call to arrange delivery.

Only to be told, "Sorry we dont have any theyre all sold out, theres none in any of the stores inventory/floor displays and we show NO future dates that it may be restocked", "That we can try to special order it but it could take 4-6 weeks with no guarantee", "but we do have the chair for you".

The only thing suggested was to cancel the order or to pick something else available from the store.

Well considering I had got rid of my old couch so I could make room, paint, new carpet etc I didnt have too many options but to try and pick something else.

So last Friday, the 30th May, I took time out of my busy schedule to return to the Harlem store and was also told by the manager that I should have been called to let me know that the items Id ordered was running low in inventory.

Which of course no one did!

I found 1 couch that was just 'ok' and another more modern piece but they didnt have part of the couch available.

In the meantime that same annoying sales woman followed me around like a shadow, irking every last nerve in my being.

I did find one that was a little more money but I would take it, IF they reduced the price to what I had already paid and for my inconvenience. So I waited patiently for the manager to consider my offer.

The sales woman, Selina, sits herself across from me and says, "Well, I dont know why you dont like that one!" (pointing to the other modern couch), her arrogant snippy tone sent my blood boiling.

I told her as politely as possible to, "Just shut up!!!" and that "You have already sold me a couch that I cant get now because you didnt call me to let me know the situation and that I didnt need any more of her help". Im not normally that rude but she just hit a last nerve with this snide comment.

Well the manager did return only to tell me that he was not even willing to negotiate on the higher priced couch.

At that point after wasting yet another 2 hours at the store I CANCELLED the order.

Now keep in mind they already have a total of $354.

As of today June 3rd they refunded me the $154 but it could take up to another week before I even see the $200.

In the meantime I had to go to another furniture store and purchase a new couch and chair, financing the WHOLE amount as I now had no money to put down because they did not automatically refund what was paid and only got 6 mths interest free, forcing me to pay even more each month.

Harlem CS people offered me $50 coupon towards a future purchase yet truly didnt give a dang to actually keep me as a customer.

Ive been in the retail trade for 15+ yrs and had it been me I would have bent over backwards to satisfy and keep my customer.

How can you sell something that a customer has already ordered/ has a contract for and already paid money on???

Isnt that illegal?

If your quick enough to take peoples money you should have the courtesy to refund it in no more than 3 business days.

Currently I am still in the process of awaiting my refund of $200 and have been told not to expect it for 7 - 10 days. I am also in the process of complaining to the Customer Relations Dept regarding my overall experience.

However if I do not get satisfaction from the complaint from the CR I WILL be taking this matter to their corporate personnel.


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