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Harlem Furniture / Poor management

1 United States

I would advise anyone reading this NEVER to shop Harlem Furniture The Room Place in Orland Park, IL. I was recently there one evening, just wanting to casually browse the store as I had several pieces of furniture I was interested in purchasing. I didn't get one foot in the store when a middle eastern man was standing there waiting for me to walk in the door and then approached me and asked if he could assist me. I politely declined and said "thanks but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for but if I have any questions, I will find you". I proceeded to slowly look through the store, checking prices, etc. All the while I can hear footsteps directly behind me, I mean DIRECTLY behind me. I chose to ignore it at first but it then began to really bother me. Finally, I turned to him and said "please tell me you are not going to be following me the entire time I'm in the store" to which he rudely, and very mean-ly replied "WE ARE REQUIRED BY MANAGMENT TO FOLLOW EVERYONE WHO COMES IN THE STORE! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN YOU NEED TO SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS, GO TALK TO THE STORE MANAGER!!!" As you can imagine, I am stunned/angry/confused at this point so I take off trying to find the store manager. Up walks this older, more calmer middle eastern man who told me the same thing - yet as I looked to my right and to my left, there were 2 couples just wandering off in the store UNATTENDED to look at furniture at their leisure. I have never, ever been treated this way at any store and wanted everyone out there to know about the horrible "management" practices at Harlem Furniture - The Room Place - Orland Park, IL. I only hope that by copy of this complaint as well as me telling all my friends and family about this that the "management" of Harlem Furnitire - The Room Place - Orland Park, IL will then learn their lesson about how to properly treat customers/people in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!


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