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1000 Tech RowMadison Heights, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-426-7667

Upon signing the contract for replacement siding on my house, Hansons first told us it would be 6-8 weeks before the install, so it was okay to take time picking out a color. 1 week later, they called and said they were coming out in the next few days, so we had to pick out a color immediately. We did so, and scheduled a date for the work to be done. My wife took the day off work, without pay, to be there when the workers came. Not only did Hansons not show up, they didn't even call to tell us why they weren't coming. We were frustrated by Hansons neglect of respect for our time, so I called to ask for financial restitution for my wife's wages. Upon speaking with the President, I explained the situation and although he was very courteous, he said they couldn't do anything to help. I then asked to speak with the owner, Brian Elias, so he forwarded my call to him. When Brian picked up the phone, I told him my name and asked if he was briefed on the situation. Without provocation, Brian launched an immediate verbal attack on me saying that he didn't care who I was or what I wanted, he wouldn't do anything to help me. I was stunned by his response and asked if he knew what the situation was. Brian responded by saying it didn't matter what I was calling about, that he deals with "people like me" every day, and he could care less what I had to say. I asked him if this is how he treats all his customers and he said, only the difficult ones (again, this was all unprovoked, as I said nothing up front other than my name). I then told him that if this is how he treats his customers, I would rather not do business with Hansons and will pull my business away. Brian immediately responded saying that he didn't care if I pulled it because he he would just sue me for breach of contract. I again was shocked and asked how could he expect to run a business treating people like this. He again said he didn't care what I thought and backed me into a corner...get the work done or get sued. No matter what I tried to say to or ask of Brian, he treated me with utter disrespect and rudeness. I told him that I would have no choice but to get the work done, but promised to make sure everyone I know is made aware of his business practices...which I have held true to since the day I spoke with Brian.


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  15th of Jan, 2010
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I resently had a conversation with Brian Elias myself where he told my husband that I had no class. He said this because I told him his service sucked. Brian Elias then told my husband to tell me that I sucked. I told him his men were drinking on the job and he said I was probably drinking with them. I DON'T drink. The last time his men came out here and tried to fix what they did wrong they left nails and metal flashing laying around my driveway and yard. Which I told Brian Elias and his response was "Nobody stepped on it did they?" Implying it didn't matter since none of my 3 children or neighbors stepped on it. In my opinion Brian Elias should not be the president of any company. Hansosns will consistatly lose customers if they have to deal with Brian Elias at all. Thank you for your statement of letting everyone he knows about Brian Elias's practices, because I plan on doing the samething.
  16th of Nov, 2011
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Let me explain a few things about Hansons (i know them inside and out) for many years.
Their salesmen are (trained on how to lie professionally) in order to make higher sales.
If you use just a little intelligence, you'll save a lot of money calling a smaller company.
All of Hansons tv ads, mailing ads, internet ads, phone book ads, ARE PAID BY YOU !!!
They are only considered a bigger company because they overcharged so many people.
They have been able to convince (mislead) enough gullible people out of 100's of 1000's.
With all of that extra (overcharged) money, they have been able to advertise their nonsense.
ALL of their work is done by (subcontractors) - smaller company's that you can call yourself.
The products they use can be bought by ANY contractor out there - where you'll save money.
REMEMBER THIS - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - (common sense stuff) (don't be a fool)
Calling a smaller company means you'll be (paying smaller money) AS MUCH AS HALF
Calling a bigger company means you'll be (paying bigger money) AS MUCH AS DOUBLE
FACT: I promise you - smaller company's use the same (or better) products than Hansons.

Another big problem with Hansons - the owner 'Brian Elias' takes full advantage of ignorance.
He knows that most people don't know much about home improvement - so he'll make you pay
FACT: The owner of Hansons (Brian Elias) had a license plate (WHOGAF) "who gives a f--k".
That in itself explains where his head is at - he could care a less about any customer out there.
His misleading (sometimes flat out lying) ads has made him millions - DON'T BE A FOOL !!!
He uses the oldest tricks in the book - 50% off this or that - FREE installation - this month only -
IT'S ALL NONSENSE - he simply charges double for the initial purchase -YOU SAVE NOTHING


One of the 'smaller' company's out there that is known to be very reputable is - IMPROVE USA.
They sold me the same windows that Hansons sells for less than half of what Hanson wanted

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