Hank's Fine FurnitureBad furniture Remedy

Join me in calling the Arkansas Attorney General's office [protected] They will connect you to the consumer protection agency. You will receive in the mail a complaint form fill it out with every thing you have from hanks furniture. I have in writing that they would send someone to fix my furniture and never did. I have been trying to figure out how or whom to contact when I read 1 complaint and the man said he had a recording and was going to bring to the attention of the Attorney General. The state will send an inspector to perform audits on their paperwork I know I am an inspector myself and I perform audits on a daily basis. I can not do this alone join me in bringing down this fraudulent company all it takes is a phone call and filling out a complaint form. LETS SCREW HANKS FINE FURNITURE AS THEY HAVE DONE TO SO MANY PEOPLE.

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