Hammonds Furniture / Very Rude, Unprofessional man - and Illegal driving

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

My mother had booked an appointment for Hammonds to come out and quote for some fitted wardrobes.

Unfortunately due to some family visiting at short notice, she had a slight change of heart the day before the appointment, and so we tried to contact Hammonds to cancel the appointment. However there was no answer and no voice mail to leave a message. We then tried to respond to the text they had sent us confirming the appointment - this was a non starter as the text wasn't from an actual mobile number (some sort of automated or masked number so any replies failed to send).

So we thought the only option would be to tell them when they arrived the next day (today). Perhaps they might v even call to confirm the appointment (since it was a Sunday)... No of course not!

The Hammonds representative arrived on time then spent several minutes sitting on his car on the driveway (I'm not sure why). I waited patiently at the front door for him.

As he got out of the car, I approached him and apologised profusely - explaining how we had attempted to contact the office to no avail.

He looked at me, huffed, turned around to show me the back of his shaved head and and got back into his nice shiny black Jaguar - without saying a word!

Now as much as this irritated me, I tapped on the car window - which he duly wound down - and I apologised once again. He looked at me and wound the window back up - again not one word to me.

By this point I had had enough. I tapped a third time. He wound the window down and gave me a filthy look. This time I told him I thought he was an extremely rude man. At that, he sped off down the road (and I do mean 'sped'). We live in a 20mph road and he drove down at at least 50mph (possibly more), to the point where several neighbours came outside due to the noise of his engine roaring.

Around 5 minutes later, Luke from the Hammonds office called. He'd obviously been told by this 'gentleman' that the appointment had been cancelled. I explained what happened whilst Luke clearly feigned interest.

Overall a terribly unprofessional organisation - If my experience is anything to go by - we have decided to use Sharps instead since their staff seem to have at least a basic level of manners.

Jun 28, 2015

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