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I initially visited Hair Club For Women in Houston, TX two years ago because of the lack of hair around my hairline. During the first visit I was told by the manager and another representative their hair treatment and products are proved to be safe and if I was not satisfied they would correct the problem until I was completely satisfied. I was wearing a lace front wig at the time and asked them if their system was the same or similar to applying a lace front wig with glue. The manager, Kim, told me their system and the technology they used were completely different and "No", it was not like applying a lace wigs and glue (an absolute lie). I was then pressured into a $4000 contract whereby I would receive guaranteed satisfaction with products and services with my own stylist. It took about two months before I received a call back from them to inform me of my first appointment to receive my "Hair System." After a few months of visits with different stylists ( not my own personal stylist as promised during the initial consultation) I was told I needed a perm. The perm was incorrectly applied and/or the incorrect type of perm was used which caused my hair to come out. During one visit the stylists shaved my hair around the hair line to apply glue and tape. After complaining about my hair loss the manager suggested and agreed to EXT treatments to regrow and strengthen my hair then attempted to charge me for them . The last wig I received was so horrible ( brittle and hard) I refused to let them reapply it after being removed for a wash. At that point I was told by the manager she would order another hair system and contact me when it arrived. I has now been three months and the manager refuses to take and/or return my calls.

I am considering hiring an attorney to file suit against the company . I am also in agreement with others interested in filing a class action lawsuit against this ripoff company, Hair Club For Women in Houston, Texas, which takes advantage of women in a vulnerable situation who are seeking a means to improve their physical appearance.

Jan 17, 2018

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