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Where to begin with this... I look up hair club online, they show you that they can get your hair back, considering I'm bald so I thought I go in for the free consult. I go to the appointment, meet a lady named Kim, very friendly, happy and nice person. We get to talking, asking what brought me in and showed her my scalp, she then proceeds to take some pictures and then uses something on my head to show me m bald areas on tv screen and I was pretty shocked of how bald I really was. Anyways she suggested xtrands for my type of hair loss and then showed me pictures of other clients who have used xtrands and I was pretty impressed and amazed at the transformation which put a smile on my face and so I decided to go with it. She leaves the room and gave me a price and I was very shocked at how much it was, I didn't have that kind of money which by the way is $5000, a lot more then I was expecting so I asked if I could finance it and she said sure. Anyways my time was up there and she booked an appointment for me to come in the following week but before I left she had me sign papers and not telling me what if was for. Following week I come in and was asked for a void cheque, as stupid as I was, gave them a void cheque not even knowing how much I'd be paying each month or if I was even approved, they took the cheque and processed it right away basically and as they were doing that, they gave me more forms to fill out which was for the financing. Then they had me go in a room with a stylist, starts shaving my head in the middle, applies something cold on my head, later found out it was glue, as that was happening, Kim comes in with more papers for me to sign and I asked what am I signing, she replied by saying, just for the work being done today which was a wash, cut and style I believe. The stylist then places this wig on my head. I had no idea what xtrands was and thought it was just part of the process, pretty stupid to even think that but I had no idea how xtrands worked. So this hair piece is now on my head and glued on, its cut, styled and to be honest it looked good but its not what I wanted. Couple days later, the wig was bothering me, it was really hot on my head, very itchy, I actually pulled it off a bit, came back couple days later and let them know it was bothering me, the simply said it'll take time to get use to it. After I left, I sat in my car looking at this hair piece and it just looked stupid on me, not even close to my natural hair, it didn't even look real. So later on I called hair club in Burlington, told them I wasn't happy and couldn't afford to pay for it, thought they would only charge me for the service that was done but I was told that they were sorry but nothing they could do, so I have been stuck paying for a piece of crap product for the last 5 months costing me huge money and I'm paying for something I don't even have. Hair club is such a scam and clearly run by con artists who know people are embarrassed by their baldness and the company takes advantage of that. I should get a partial refund for this crap, somewhere around $3000 back, that is more then fair.

Sep 01, 2018
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      Apr 05, 2019

    Went to Atlanta location...completely bewildered and insulted...bad product...very embarrassing...they expect me to deal...

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