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Still Suffering from Procedure, it’s been over 8 year’s now since I went under the knife with Hair Club for Men. Not only was the procedure extremely painful, but also at the time of the procedure the doctor cut a nerve and I have constant pain and numbness on the left side of my head.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Jose, CA I went back and the doctor stated he would have to cut again and suture where they cut it and this may, but no guarantees that the numbness would dissipate, and they wanted to charge me again for their mistake. I took them to small claims court and was awarded the fee I paid, but I still have the numbness on the left side of my head. So consider what your doing, it’s not at all what they paint.

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      May 07, 2012

    I went into Hair Club for Men, and inquired about the procedure, they said we have a cancellation tomorrow if you want the appointment we can get you in. I asked three times; will this process give me hair were it’s needed? The doctor said you’re a great candidate and you will be amazed (3 times) how different you will look; I then asked how many sessions would it take to have this full head of hair like in the brochure pointing at the model, only need ONE said the doctor; I said lets go for it. Next day I came in and had 1800 grafts, and let me tell you it was so painful that I strained my leg and arm muscle while in the chair, then went home. Five hours later I was in so much pain that it was unbearable, not only in pain but was had to crawl to the bathroom because of the strain, tried contacting the HCFM and all I got was there answering service, no one contacting for 48 hr’s to prescribe pain medicine. 2 Months went bye and the left side of my head was sensitive to the point when ever I touch the side there was no feeling and numb, of course I contacted them over 5 times, finally got in to see the doctor, only to say that they would have to cut again because when they did the procedure they cut a nerve, and there would be a charge for this method. Not only was there unfeeling on the left side of my head, but after 2 years very little growth. So if you think this is an easy step, think again, trust me you will need no less then two sessions to get what you’re looking, maybe? Ask questions get it in writing, which was my mistake I had nothing in writing, was out $8, 000, and still have no feeling on the left side, and no hair after 10 years.

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