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First of all, I wanted to give this establishment zero stars. I've been a client here for over 3 years. I usually never leave any reviews whether negative or positive, but, this place has given me no choice. Most of the hairstylists here are phenomenal, I said most. (Isabel) the others, just # you can pretend they really care about you. But in reality they just want you up there chair to take the next client. Most stylists dont even have the time to have there own lunch break and the company itself are more for quantity that quality. The quality of these dried up, cheap hairpieces reflect those who run this san francisco office. I understand they are a business, they need money to run it and pay for their binge drinking training classes, their rent, the employees and let's not forget about them. The manager, I won't say her name, she's more fake then my prosthetic right leg. She gets a little flirtatious in order for you to upgrade. Actually most of the women working there too. But they don't know that i'm not into women. It's just really funny to think they can sell or try to sell what little sex appeal they have to me and other unsuspecting clients.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TX I just want all of you people reading this to really do your homework, yes it's expensive, and a pain in the butt to go here every time for a service. I don't regret going here to get hair. It has changed my life, and too busy to go here to get my hair done. I do miss most of the hairstylists there. If they're still there. I just want to say be cautious when calling or even trying to join this place. One thing they do, is make you look good, but feel good, not really. Only at the beginning you'll feel like they care and want to help you. Really, they rather help you get out that credit card or checking account number to take your money. Btw, it's not the money, never was, I could afford the cost, I just couldn't tolerate the rudeness and unprofessional receptionist representing hair club. There job is to answer phones. And best believe you will never get a recall back and if there so extremely bizy they promise they will return the phone call. That phone call will never be return. And most of her minions. So please, run away, far away!!! And don't ever look back, I regret every minute of my life doing what I did with hair club I though this company was professional

Apr 05, 2017

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