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I received a Spam email from the Hair Club which seemed enticing, since my hair is receding (now I realize that I must have been identified by someone as a potential sales lead and no doubt there is commission at stake if they reel me in. Well, having a little idel time on my hands, I took the bait and clicked through to their web site at and found they even had a location in my own city here in Tampa, Florida. Wow, how convenient I thought! Hmmm, I was seriously thinking about taking their free promotion to inspect my hair and scalp (a $250.00 savings) forgetting that my $15 Barber could offer some free advice. Anyway, I thought what's the harm with letting them take a look and giving me some options, information and free advice. Then, on a hunch, since there are so many scams now-a-days, I went to Google and searched for Hair Club complaints and was so thankful I did, because after reading all of the horror stories from people who had done business with the Hair Club (or should I say, attempted to do business with the Hair Club) I got all of the information and free advice I needed without even leaving my chair and keyboard. So, for all of you who had such a terrible experience with the Hair Club, thanks for at least taking the time to post your comments here and elsewhere, because you really are helping others avoid the same grief and there is no telling how much money you have saved other individuals like myself, who might have been sucked in to a scam like this if it wasn't for your efforts to warn others. Thanks again ... I'll keep my thin hair and keep smiling too!

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      Mar 12, 2014
    Hair Club - fraud
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    Hello my name is lozamar Alexis, I was a hair club member for about a year, when I signed up with them they told me that I should get my hair back in about 4 weeks, 4 months came no new hair growth than 6 months a year still no new hair growth, I paid them $2500 for nothing, I tried calling them, they told me that they didn't know why it didn't work, I need to know what I can do to get my money back from them, can someone please help

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