Haier Top Load Washer / HHGregg Extended Warranty

Memphis, United States

My grandparents purchased me a brand new Haier washer and dryer for my housewarming gift back in October 2012. Not only did they purchase two brand new appliances for me, but they also paid for an extended 3 year warranty, & delivery charge from HHGregg. The washer unit was working fine up until October 2013, a week before the manufacturer’s warranty was up. The manufacturer sent out an authorized repair company to replace the control board on the washer because it was faulty. The unit was working again until March 21st, 2014. The control board seemed to be having the same problem. I called the HHGregg extended warranty, on March 21st, 2014. I spoke with a service rep by the name of Maria. I informed her of my washer breaking down again, & wanted to set up a repair appointment for the unit to be fixed. She informed me that since the unit was purchased for under $300, that the unit was going to be replaced like for like. I asked her how long will that take. She informed me to call back in 3 days, & check on the status.

I called HHGregg back on March 25th, 2014. I first spoke with someone by the name of Tiffany. She placed me on hold to check the status, & never came back to the phone. Then I spoke with another man by the name of Joseph. He informed me that he spoke with Vendor Relations, & that they were issuing me a store credit for $291.99. I informed Joseph that I was told that the unit would be replaced like for like. That also the unit had gone up in price @ HHGregg. It now cost $341.99, & that it was the exact same washer and model that I have in my home. I didn’t know why they couldn’t just deliver a new one, & replace the old one? Or at least repair the one that I have? It made no sense to me that my grandparents (who are still paying on the units, extended warranty, & delivery charges, may I add) would be out of all of that expense, & that I would have to go out and purchase an new one from HHGregg.

Here’s the thing. HHGregg's extended warranty is a rip off. They want me to go purchase the same unit, at a higher price, pay them the difference from the store credit, another delivery fee of $79.99, dispose of the old unit (that is only 1 year, & 5 months old), & have to pick up a new extended warranty on the new washer I would purchase. So in essence I would be purchasing the same unit twice, for more money. They won’t even send a check. If they cut a check, I could pay for a repair person myself to fix the unit, & be less inconvenienced. They are making it so they get a sell twice from the same consumer. The sad part about it is my elderly grandparents are still paying on the broken unit. That is the shadiest thing I have ever heard. They are not standing by the products they sell. There are numerous complaints about HHGregg, & I am strongly considering legal action. Perhaps even a class action lawsuit.
I am sending this letter to several outlets to have HHGregg’s business practices investigated. The corporate office is also rude, unprofessional, & seem to all have a different version of their policies to tell every time I call. DO NOT BUY FROM HHGREGG!

A Ripped Off Consumer

Mar 25, 2014

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