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Haier America / Company will not replace broken machine under warranty!

120 Riverside DriveKeasbey, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-487-9654

I purchased a Haier America washer/dryer combo last June. I used it once and after one wash cycle the unit broke. I called Haier and told them that the cycle selector knob was stuck and that the unit was not drying clothes properly. I also told them that a bunch of water was left in the drum even though the machine had gone through a dry cycle. A repairman was called and when he came out he replaced the timer. He left and the machine did not work when I tried it again.

After about a month Haier sent another repair man who claimed he had never seen this type of machine before and he ordered a new timer and a new motor. He installed these after they arrived and the machine still did not work. Finally Haier called me after two months had gone by saying they would send another repair man out. The new repair man came out and deemed the unit un-repairable. He said that the unit had been flooded and that the electrical system was rusted out. The unit is in my basement so now Haier is claiming that my basement flooded. My basement has never flooded but I am not surprised that the electrical system is rusted. Water was sitting in the machine for five months because nobody they sent out to repair the unit knew what they were doing.

I have tried to call Haier many times to find out what their final decision is. The machine is under warranty for a year and so it should be replaced. I have had so many people telling me the problem would be looked into and I would get a call back but never have.

It has been eight months now of talking to customer service people with no answers as of yet. I am assuming that Haier will not be replacing the machine that is under warranty and that they will continue to make excuses. I will contact my lawyer, the Better Business Bureau, and I will post my nightmare situation all over the internet. I do not recommend that anyone buy Haier products. They do not uphold their warranty and I have since read other reports of similar problems with flawed products.


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  5th of Mar, 2008
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Dear Amanda Chase:

Have you thought about searching on the internet for Haier's website or asking their customer service representatives for their corporate office information? If what you have written is true then they should definitely replace the unit free of charges because obviously the repair workers didn't know what they were doing & actually messed up the unit more by not getting the water out of the unit.

  30th of Sep, 2009
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Haier America - Warranty Refund
Haier America
United States

My 8 month Dehumdifier that I purchased new went bad in March of 2009. I called Haier America and they said I needed to send them a copy of my sales receit and the plug end of the electric cord and they would send me a new unit out with in ten days. After several months and many phone calls they indacated that they were out of stock on my model and they would send me a refund right a way. I went out and bought a new GE brand dehumdifier a week later they called and said they could send me another model dehumidifier, I declined their offer and ask for my refund. It is now the last day of September and after many many calls I still have no idea when I will get a refund!!! What a jerk outfit
  24th of Mar, 2010
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I have the exact same problem!!!
  7th of Apr, 2010
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My washer broke after 2 months of using it. It took them 4 months to get me another machine when the mechanic finally deemed it unrepairable. When I finally got the machine, I used it this ONE time, and the unit behind the knob blew up and smoke came out and everything. It was only at this point in time, where my house could've burnt down, or maybe when I got injured.. that I got an okay to get my money refunded. 2 months later after talking with the corporate office and a lot of phone calls, I finally got the check in the mail but it was $50 less that what I paid for. Like really, I buy and use it for TWO months, and it breaks! Then I end up going out to the laundromat for 4 months to wash my clothes. They say they provide no compensation but they manage to refund a lower amount? Seriously?

877-461-4788 is their corporate number. Mass call them with complaints pleasee!
  7th of Apr, 2010
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This is not good news for me I'm supposed to be getting a replacment soon and its been 3 months so far for me I will for sure call thanks!!!
  30th of Jul, 2010
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I've called Haier America 8 times and keep getting the run around! I am pissed! our airconditioner wont work. it runs for about 30 seconds and then quits!

I was told this time (today) that they will call me within 24-48 hours... if it doesnt happen, I'm going to the better business bureau!
  4th of Sep, 2010
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I have had the same problem with and A.C unit and its been going on for four months now and they refuse to give me the corporate number. I was online now for it and thanks to your blog I found it. I have alot to say to them and I completely agree that NO-ONE should buy Haier products.
  15th of Sep, 2010
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Haier America - Waste of money
Haier America
United States

I purchased the 1-cubic ft. washer. It was missing the screws and locking bands, without which you cannot attach the bottom plate. Who knows what the locking bands are for because the manual doesnt mention them. I have tried numerous times to request the six screws to properly fit the plate. Still after all this time, I have been unable to actually request the missing items or even speak to anyone. All the numbers are recordings and direct you to more dead-end numbers and websites. Who knows if the product even works. This company ***!! Waste of money!
  4th of Oct, 2010
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Haier America - Poor Quality
United States

Purchased a 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner on June 4, 2010, unit ceased operation on July 4, 2010. Called Haier, they dispatched their third party repair service (A&E). The first repair person was not qualified to work on the equipment. Second dispatch told me they could not repair the unit, had no dosumentations on the unit. Third time was the charm, it requires repair part, that will be available in December 2010.
  21st of Dec, 2010
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Haier America - Never again
Haier America
United States

Haier top load washer had defective sink adopter but calling customer service to replace part shows that their policy is take the $$$ and run and let customers chase their tails like dogs when trying to resolve the problem by having them call the parts department only to have them refer you to the warranty department where the effort ends unresolved. You can't even go online to find a dealership which lets me know that these are foreign MF's with gutter rat greed. Channels 2, 7 and 9 have consumer reporters eager to ferret out BS companies.
  7th of Feb, 2011
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Same here!! I'm on month 5 of trying to get a portable AC unit replaced, they picked it up some time ago and I've been told the last 4 weeks the checks in the mail!!! time to contact someone with some pull I guess. I agree DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS...THIS INCLUDES AMANA
  3rd of Mar, 2011
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Haier America - Does not warrantee their products when applied to
Haier America
United States

I bought a Haier compact refrig. and it is great. EXCEPT the freezer door does not close. When I called to complain, I was told they would replace the refrig, as long as I cut 8ft of the electrical cord and mail it in. I would be without a refrig until the new one was delivered. I am semi-handicapped & could not be with the refrig for the length of time it would take to mail my cord and paperwork and have a new refrig delivered. So I asked them to send a repairman & remove the freezer. They would not! They had even (they said) went to "Corporate" and this was the only way they would honor my WARRANTEE!!
  7th of Aug, 2011
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About a year and a half ago we received a Haier 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler from my ex-boss. Within 8 months it started making noises on and off when the fan was on. Then 4 months later we notice it was no longer cooling. I called Haier's customer service and was asked" do you have a receipt" I explained that it was a gift for our new house. She then stated" we will do nothing without a receipt and that was the end of the conversation. I then went to Lowe's and Home Depot knowing that the used to handle Haier products to find out they no longer handle Haier and now handle Fridgedaire appliances. I was told by one of the managers that they dropped Haier products because of the many problems and very poor customer service. Since they started to handle Fridgedaire they have no problems and no complaints. The manager at Lowe's understood our problem and contacted Haier for me and they refused to treplace or repair my unit, he then stated that he would give us an additional 20% off on the Fridgedaire unit. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
WE now need a freezer chest and will buy at Lowe's along with another wine cooler. DO NOT BY HAIER AND BLACK AND DECKER WINE COOLERS. B&D FREEZER CHESTS AND WINE COOLERS ARE PRODUCED BY HAIER.
  16th of May, 2012
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I fight for over 2 years to get my money back on the broken freezer...it does not going any where!
  11th of Jul, 2012
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yup, north carolina checking in here too! my 16 tear old dog with cancer used the air conditioner due to him having cancer and the unusual heat here in the south. well, i too have a unit that died in less than a year. being under the warranty all i had to do was return the sticker off the unit, my original receipt and the disposal letter signed and dated. did all that, via fedex. the company got all the documents, was told 7 to 10 days i would have a new unit. well, waiting and waiting still and no air conditioner yet. this is not fair, nor legal. im the type of person who will NOT go away till i get my dogs new air conditioner. i will keep you all up to date. best of luck to all of you. Kathleen
  12th of Sep, 2012
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I have bought an air conditioner from walmart Haier America brand it did not work from the beginning it is now exactly a year later I still am fighting for a refund! The BBB will not help have already tryed! If it were us owing them money they would ruined our credit reports, but they owe us and oh well that's our problem! No wonder this company grosses 100, 000, 000, 000.00 a year! Screw this company!!!
  16th of Sep, 2012
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Other than falling for a low price, what made any of you purchase a product from a Chinese company who's only goal was to gain market share from the Korean giants (with better reputations) Samsung and LG without near the quality????

It's not a wonder that there is a lack of customer service because that it NOT Haier's primary goal!!!
  20th of Nov, 2013
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Haier America - Poor Quality
Haier America
United States

Bought washer & dryer on 8/28/13. 11/17/13 Washer started making loud noise and smelled like something was burning. Call Haier CSR and was given a local qualified repaired man. Call repairman on 11/18/13. Can't come said he rejected the service call. Call Haier CSR back and the gave me another repairman 55 miles away. Call to set up a appointment and was told he didn't really want to drive that far. He said he wasn't going to mess up his calls during the week and I would have to wait till Saturday or Sunday. Couldn't give me a time. Call CSR back and explain he really didn't want to come, try to get them to find someone else. No! Ask to have washer replaced, less than 3 months old! NO! So now I am having to wait and see when the man, who doesn't want to come this far, gets here. I will never buy Haier again. Customer service has standard answer, can't understand them, and they can't understand you!! If you want your life to be disrupted, then go ahead and buy a Haier product.
  27th of Feb, 2014
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I bought an Amana dehumidifier 8/30/12 which started leaking all over the floor a few days before the warranty was up.The store where I bought it told me to contact Haier who owns the Amana brand and they gave me a claim # and a repair shop 45 minutes away from my home to repair it, after a few weeks I was told it could not be repaired, then the fun starts. It is now 7 months of being told not to worry I contacted the executive office and was told it would be taken care of asap. No contact was made by Haier so I called and was told they emailed me a form so they could replace the unit. It was sent to the wrong email so I gave them the correct email and still no response. There customer service is the worst.They have my work number, home number, address, copies of receipts and still no luck. Their products are worth no more than there warranty. Stay away.
  29th of Mar, 2014
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I've only had my washer for a year and the stupid thing doesn't spin the water out . Water will come out but as soon as it starts spinning the water stops coming out !!!

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