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Habbo Hotel / need to raise the age limit

1 Victoria, Australia Review updated:

hi my son signed up with habbo hotel as it was meant to be like the sims. I signed up so I could see what it was like as my son got a few inappropriate comments. The age limit needs to be raised from 13 years old. I didnt say anything just accepted friend requests and was told they wanted to have se* with me by 7 different characters.
I went into the freeze room and a few other rooms and just watched the conversation as it appeared at the top of the screen. I was shocked at the sexual comments that were made. they were very suggestive and others just plain obvious or straight to the point. like telling the other character to get on their hands and knees and s**k them off.
I played one of the freeze games and i won and was then called a sl*t, who*e, bit*h, dog and many other things.
My son is banned from habbo now as are a lot of his friends once i have told them what i read. He will not be going on even when his 15.
I am disgusted that it is not monitored better. There should be a block on half the words i saw written.

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      4th of Dec, 2011
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    Well I don't know much about Oldtimer, but I can tell you that Venice is no day at the beach. I think a lot of members are deceived into thinking that she is a very like-minded person. In reality it's more like she is a "selectively" like-minded person. She is often rude to those that are not in that selective circle. I think she fits the cyber-bully category perfectly. Being very popular on the site gives her more ammunition in confrontations. She'll also join in when lessor known members are attacked. Usually she'll type the users name followed by a +1 or 10. That's my3cents.

    BTW whoever is the user hypocrites united. You really need to grow up and get some professional help, if you help make violent threats like that. Shame on you!!!

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      4th of Dec, 2011
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    sounds like a job for slim jim... where are you slim?????? never a cop when you need one

    I would ask that you 'have reported this to the police' already ???????

  • Ta
      5th of Dec, 2011
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    You are concerned about your son seeing this content, yet you post the stuff on here yo where other children can see it. The problem is it is because of people like you that kids view these things. All you had to do was say that they have sexual dialogue, not describe what you read. Also it is up to the parents to decide what websites their children visit and don't visit. Not up to you to decide for other parents what their children see.

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    What they are discussing is most likely against the rules of the site. You don have the option of reporting this when you do see it happening. I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse but most likely these people posting the inappropriate messages are either your son's age or a bit older. They are mostly unmonitored teens. Most sites due to COPPA laws you can join when you are 13. They can raise the age limit, even then kids will lie about their age and claim they are 13.

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    Most of the people who are talking like this are probably your son's age only a few years older. Most likely they are no older than 16 and just unmonitored teens. Report what is being said to the mods I am sure they have rules against this kind of stuff. They won't change the age limit is 13 and over due to COPPA laws. Though even if they did increase the age limit kids will still see this dialogue if they lie about their age.

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