HabandRude and nasty sevice

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On Sunday Oct 25, 2009 at 2:40, I was on line at the Haband site, I found two items that "sound like a good deal" and reasonably priced. so I started filling out all of my infor for shipping and ordering, accound set up before I started shopping. after placing these items in the shopping cart, I had a screen-pop-up for something called 'PERKS' needed to verify my email address and check box if it was correct, after I did that, Wham order no long able to veiw or change, so I went to my e-mail after recieving new message, it was from Haband they had recieved order and comfirming it. One of the items was buy one get two free for $19.99, other item was 2 for #29.00. and something for PERKS 1.95, I called customer sevice within minutes the employee told me" well that means simply your order was placed and charged to account, this person was very rude, I was in tear, WHY They just charged my account $103.95 from my debit card. On Monday I called customer service and this person DIANA started out snippy and alot of back ground noice to go with it, I again explained what had happened and I was charged 3'x for the buy 1 get two free. I explained my situation wanted to have they excess amount taken off and my unemployment status, I monitor and plan weekly and accountable for every cent spent, this person was rude, hateful, nasty, Quote" after WE get our money then someone will let you know when your oder will be shipped then you can fill out paper work or refund items after that is veiwed throung billings, and returnable and all paper work done that usually takes up to 3-4 weeks than your money may be returned to your card!! I told this person that it was poor practice and the BBB would be notifed and hung up. as of today the $103.95 has been removed from my debit card plus another $1.95 for membership to PERKS I am letting people know do not do bussiness with this company, they do not even supply vaseline for what they do to you

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