H & M / bad service in orchard road

singapore, Singapore

The branch at orchard ion mrt near to wheelock there was many people there and i needed help with to find certain clothings so i went to approach the malay lady staff where she give me an unfriendly black face look as if very busy and say in an rude manner" its over there you can find yourself!!" 😨i mean if i can find myself why would the company employ them as staff to laze on their job ??? So i went to approach e other guy staff where he give me a stare and point its over there😡so eventually i found it and ask if has my size and the answer was its all over there...they dont even bother to find...and the shoes was like a self service thingy there wasnt anyone to help with the sizes...😰also i still buy the clothings even it look only so so and was quite costly...i pay my purchases at the rude cashier chinese lady she sound like malaysian and she squeeze my new clothings in a small plastic bag that wasnt very nice...its not a cheap sale but she make it like one and worst there e other customer behind me bought a few pairs of shoes and she actually stack the shoes on top of my purchase...what the ff...😨😡i has enough of this poor quality rude attitude bad service of staff in H&M
To start with it was a boutique and it wasnt really cheap why should we tolerate such poor service from the staff...they should be given some customer service training seriously...

Feb 17, 2015

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