Gym Companymembership cancelation and unfair blacklist

As per compmaints submitted here, are there any steps taken into consideration..?

I am a victim of been blacklisted by gym company yet I don't even own a membership card. There was this guy called Lucky whom I gave my details to, he was very convincing and by that time I was unemployed so he said to that I shouldn't worry cause they'll freeze the account for 3 months. I went back the second day to him for cancelation, he then took the yellow draw two lines in it then he said noh it is canceled.

I was surprised when I got debit orders from my account after I got my first job. I went to the bank to reverse the debit orders so it was always being reversed. After some time, a lady called me to tell that I am gonna be blacklisted if I don't pay cancelation fee and then I asked her a question that how come should I pay a cancelation fee yet the guy took the yellow form and cancelled it and over that he never told me about these fees, the worse part of it I didn't gym and I don't have a membership card ? "she ate potatoes and hang up"

Come the time when I wanted to open an account I was told that I am blacklisted and unable to open any account until I am being removed from blacklist.

This is totally unfair! Now I have to pay the whole R900, on something I havent done!! Ai noh!

Aug 02, 2018

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