Gulf Oil / fuel selection button not working.

Freeville, NY, United States

I went to a Gulf gas station, but the business that used the fuel was called "Dandy Mini Mart". Today 9/17/2017 around 6 PM in a small town called Freeville in NY, I prepaid a purchase of 30 dollar of premium 93 octane fuel for a very sensitive twin turbo BMW and the fuel selector was broken, when I hit premium it pumped in regular. Did not notice it until after and the young lady working there came out and said it was broken. Needless to say, I have video of my car smoking going down the road not even minutes later and engine stalled out twice and almost did dozens of more times. Pulled over to the side of the road and had to limp mode home 60 miles to Syracuse, NY. The fuel that was rated at 87 octane burned so quickly through the twin turbos and combusted so quickly because my car was on empty. l and none of the other pumps worked as well. This caused serious damage. The vehicle will no longer accelerate to proper speeds and continued to smoke all the way home. I parked it and I need to speak to someone over this because this is absolutely pure negligence and improper maintenance on this business in which caused a very big headache getting to and from work. (over 65 miles away) and a great deal of vehicle repair in which I will be seeking reimbursement for.

Gulf Oil
Gulf Oil

Sep 17, 2017

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