Guessorders not receive

Dear guess team,

Please find order number: GEU696371420661 & GEU452727925520
Your customer, Claudia Bivolaru is kindly asking if you behaviour is a joke
I placed 2 orders more than 2 month ago, you`ve lost the parcels somehow on the way, investigated that for almost 6 weeks.
At the end of those 6 weeks you found it and gave me the option to chose if I want that delivered. I accepted those products to be delivered after more than 2MONTHS.
But, again that did not happen !!!
As a customer I would believe the professional way to deal with this is to be in touch with me, and that`s not happing as well
Your online chat is not working, you phone number is not working, it`s been again about 2 weeks and no word about those parcels
If this is a joke is not a funny one, you`ve blocked my money for about 70 days, giving me childish answers every single time
The selling me lies process needs to end here!!
I expect my refund or products asap and at least an apology email from such a big brand


Nov 23, 2018

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