Guardsman / Refusal to service furniture care

TX, United States

I purchased a couch at Ethan Allen in 2012 and added the Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan, at their recommendation since I have young children. They told me that Guardsman was very easy to work with and would come out even once a year for cleaning services. My daughter got Crayola brand washable marker on the couch, which was unable to be removed with water. I contacted the company and they sent me by email a form to fill out, or I could fill out a form online, print it and mail it. No part of the form would be accepted online, except for pictures that must be a certain size or would be rejected. Once you contact the company, you have ten days for them to receive the form or a new request would have to be made. I filled out the multi-page form, took pictures, changed their size and submitted them and mailed the form. They received it within the ten day time frame. Two weeks after sending the form in, I was told by email that the stain was ineligible for service because it was an Ink-Pen stain, which is not covered under the protection plan. They said if I had any questions to call them, but they conveniently left the number out of the email. I found the number and did call them. They said that it is true that if I read the entire warranty, washable markers are not covered. This is absolutely ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on a protection plan for your furniture, and then they will not cover washable markers! What is the point of having this plan? I advise everyone to not use Guardsman under any circumstances as they make it as difficult as they can on you to even consider your request, then look for any reason why they cannot perform the service you are requesting. In addition, I have contacted Ethan Allen and have told them to stop recommending Guardsman Protection.

Feb 11, 2013

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