Guardsman / tear in couch

Lake Charles, LA, United States

We purchased a protection plan for our leather couch. Found a tear under foot rest. Reported it and it was fixed in a timely manner. Some time later we noticed the tear coming apart where it had been repaired. The area does not get touched due to its location. It gets slight movement when that foot rest is used which is not often because it is to close to a walkway. We are concerned the tear will move up to the rest of the couch eventually. Back to the topic at hand we submitted another request as soon as we noticed it - which was denied because I incorrectly filled out the paperwork. I apparently put an incorrect date which voided the repair contract. This is repair on something they fixed incorrectly in the first place. I take responsibility for not making sure I had dates correct. They offer no help, suggestion only you made a mistake and now you deal with it. I am very frustrated with the fact that we did not get quality repair and quality service but we sure paid for it.

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