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I signed up and played on their free games for about a year. I collected 70k points. They show you a $100 gift card if you get 68k points. All you have to do is sign up to be a real money player and the gift is yours. Not so fast. I payed.99 cents to sign up and then they converted all my points to $20 in play cash and $15 bonus play cash. What? Where is my $100 gift card. You will then read the small print where operators are not allowed to undue transactions. Looks like they have had a few hundred complaints and people just wanted out of this scam. Yes, all your reward points are gone! Now lets talk about the $35 play money. First you are going to have to claim that on your taxes. Second, you have to convert the play cash to real money to take it out of the site. Problem. If you win, the next entry will be taken from your real money not the play cash. So you have to be at zero in real cash to be able to use the play money. Ulitimately, your real cash account doesnt get higher than $5 and you eventually burn through the $35 in play cash. Final laugh. I have read they send you a tax form for your $35 that you never saw and one for tthe games you won. Even though you have no money in the account. Oh wait, one more shaddy thing. While you are a free player, they give you 500 to 3500 rewards points opportunities. Once you sign that myseteriously falls to 50 reward points opportunities. If that isnt deceptive, I dont know what is. This site was designed to be deceptive, I think lex luther himself is in charge. Run, run far away from this site!

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  • So
      Jan 22, 2013

    My account is suspended and I still don't know why. I reacted to an offer, put some money on this site got my bonus. Played the bonus into real money, withdrew the amount...all fine and dandy, got a verification that the amount is on it's way. Few hours later, account suspended and my innitial deposit was refunded. The winnings...? Don't know, maybe they had second thoughts or something [/ironic]

    Well, goodbye GSN, oodles of fun to have met you. RUNNING AWAY WITH TS.

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  • Dd
      Aug 01, 2013

    GSN never sent out winnings. They allow two accounts in a household when you deposit money. However, if you withdraw the money with the winnings, they will send you an email saying that you have multiple accounts and they will void all the winnings.

    The fact is that I had only one account and the other belonged to my husband. Sometimes we used the same computer to play sometimes. Some other times, we even played as opponents and both lost entry fee. Still, they told me that I had two accounts when I claimed winnings. I am wondering if I lose money, they will never say that and take money away.

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  • Kg
      Sep 23, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    I was playing a game on GSN and bought more tokens inadvertently. It charged $399 for the tokens. I have tried without success to get in touch with the company GSN. After contacting my bank, I was advised to contact you. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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  • An
      Oct 29, 2013

    I may be wrong, but I think the problem with multiple accts and not getting money lies with another large games place called World Winner. I see they weaseled their way into GSN and POGO. Any game site that has cash games attached to it, check first to see if the games fall back to World Winner before you play.

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  • Ri
      Feb 06, 2014

    Could you me with this problem i have playing your games, The game 777 can you tell me how a counter in this game, wont give me polnts over a million. this has been going on for 3 days now, , the name im useing is WOLFMANS7777.could you please send me an e-mail and please try to help me out...thank you very much. WOLFMANS7777

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  • Re
      Feb 23, 2014

    I play GSN all the time but now i am getting virus mail. And pop up like crazy how do i stop this?

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  • Ga
      Apr 30, 2014


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  • Lo
      Jun 05, 2014

    I am having a problem with gsn!!! my account has been suspend and closed i bought tolkens with thw same account # for a long time.. now im in a dispute over my account being charged but receive no tolkens!!help this has happend before and im sure i will not plaqy the game anymore

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  • Do
      Jun 06, 2014


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  • Po
      Aug 28, 2014

    I have a feeling that they are created fake accounts to claim the oodles "prizes." Recently all the bigger prizes have been claimed with very high oodle counts (1.5 million+) by people who have only been active gsn member for 6-8 months. For anyone who collects oodles you will know this is impossible. I have been a member for 3 years and still have less the 500, 000 oodles...and I've been playing everyday. I contacted them about this and there response was that they earned these oodles by buying token packs. If that is in fact the case that would mean that these "users" had spent 10's of thousands of dollars in 6 months on tokens.

    I really wish someone would investigate this.

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  • Wa
      Nov 23, 2014

    I won 5 million tokens on wheel of fortune and they never credited my account they have the nerve to make me pay $25.oo for 2 million tokens if i do not get my tokens you will hear from my attorney [protected]

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  • Pa
      Jan 07, 2015

    I play GSN buffalo slots. My game continually freezes and sticks, usually when you get 2 of the Buffaloes and about to get 3 for free spins. At one point I lost 92 million coins. Seriously. There free games but you have to continually buy coins with NO chance to get ahead. It's suppose to be entertaining and fun. But because GSN sets their games so its impossible to win, well that takes all the fun out of it. Seriously doesn't anyone have control over the online games. I mean we do spend money for the coins? I have complained allot and on the rare occasion you get a reply they will make a nice gesture and award you 2 million coins ( not impressed since it took 92 million) but then as soon as you play it takes them all back. Someone needs to check these games. I really like their games but needs to be fair!

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  • Sc
      Mar 04, 2015

    I was playing at gsn casino and was winning alot of tokens all of the sudden the game forced closed on me, and when I was finally able to get back into the game (3 hours later) I lost 1, 868, 172, 760 tokens. This has happened several times and its always when I'm winning big amounts of tokens. I submitted a problem ticket to report my lost of tokens and Mr Castro at player services still won't respond. I have requested to speak to a supervisor and Mr Castro refuses to put me in contact with one. GSN has a problem with the game taking loyal customers tokens, and their customer service really sucks. I have pictures of my winning and witness that saw this happen. GSN SUCKS

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  • Sc
      Mar 10, 2015

    Within the last 10 days this damn game has taken over 5.8 billion tokens from me either by the game forced closing on me or by me just logging off and when i logged back in my 5.8 billion tokens were gone. I submitted 4 problem tickets and Mr Castro ( who works at player services) refuses to respond, i even ask to speak to a supervisor and he refuses to put me in contact with anyone. GSN CASINO is an app that steals your tokens and you as the consumer have no damn recourse. Bunch of thieves. People pay good money for their tokens and GSN CASINO just STEALS them away. I want to speak to someone but of course nobody wants to ###ing help me. ### APP RAN BY THIEVES!!! I have witnesses and pictures that are date stamp to prove my case. Still i can't get anyone to ###ing respond.

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  • Sc
      Mar 16, 2015

    As of march 2, 2015, I have submitted 5 problem tickets to gsn casino player services. As of mar 16, 2015, no one has responded.GSN CASINO STOLED OVER 8 BILLION TOKENS FROM ME. This happened due to the game force closing on me and when I'm finally able to get back into the game my tokens were gone. The game has also taken my tokens when off logged off, when logged back in my tokens were gone. I can't get anyone from player services Mr Castro) to respond to my tickets, I have aent inquiries requesting to speak to a supervisor and he still refuses to respond. GSN CASINO IS A BUTCH OF THIEVES, AND A BUNCH OF COWARDS. GSN CASINO can get away with stealing your money because the only action you have is to file a problem ticket but they never respond. This is wrong and ridiculous.

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  • Bu
      Mar 25, 2015

    Several times when playing slots, be it the std. "Wheel of Fortune", "Classic" version, or "Vegas" version! I will hit for a "spin bonus", spin and be sent back to "home page" never receiving any points.Then having never been accredited my winnings, also having to start all over again to accumulate a higher chance on wheel! B.S. "Butch 32 "

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  • Al
      Jul 01, 2015

    About 12 days ago I was playing Deuces Wild as I usually do.. I had over 7, 000, 000 points when I made a large bet and won 25, 000, 000 points. My phone showed a total of over 32, 000, 000 points. The next morning the 25, 000, 000 points I had won were deleted and my total was back to 7, 000, 000 points plus. I complained and was given two Ticket Numbers, 61118 and 61125. I have not heard from GSN since and I've been scammed. I contacted my attorney and he is going to follow up. Alan Greene

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  • Sh
      Sep 02, 2015

    Hello everyone! I am not in any way downplaying the bad experiences GSN/WORLDWINNER put y'all thru. I can just imagine how devastated and horrible you must have felt after getting excited about actually winning something or sticking in there long enough to save up the amount of points needed to cash in for gift cards and stuff. Anyway, on to the point, I have been playing on GSN for over two years now. I am not a person who ever has the luck of winning anything of value, but I did win one of their daily $250 drawings that you buy chances to win using Oodles. Couldn't help but be excited but tried not to get my hopes up that I would ever actually receive my winnings. Well after about 2 or 3 weeks of waiting, I received a check in the mail for $250...WOW! Still not convinced it legitimate yet, but took check to the local branch of bank the check was written on and WALAAA, gave me my case and off to the grocery store my kids and I went!!! Anyway, it must not all be a total scam, surely their are few others out there, like me, that actually got winnings. Atleast I hope so.

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  • Ji
      Sep 24, 2015

    I played your new slot game heart of the phyenix --bet 5000.00 game froze before I could spin tried for about 5 minutes and left the site went back to it later and the gone I played this at 2.30 pm eastern time I do have account with you name is jill Dixon or [protected]@hotmail .ca have been playing your games for a few years now hate to quit ---what happened

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  • Ha
      Oct 03, 2015

    I'm a new player since April my problem is they are charging my debit cards and credit card for purchases that I didn't make I'm having no luck retrieving my money back and now my account is froze

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  • Mc
      Nov 21, 2015

    On the 11th of november I bought points for wheel of fortune slots for $99.99. my credit card was charged $105.00. after writing to gsn twice to let them know I didn't receive my points I got a letter with case number 323628. I wrote back that I still have not got my points and have heard nothing. I need the $105.99 taken off my credit card.

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  • Da
      Apr 07, 2016

    These are a bunch of cheating #. I told them so. they never give you the full amount of tokens. I have lost millions. on the american buffalo slots, they give a certain amount but keep about 10% of the tokens. as is the case on almost all of their games. such as deal or no deal. on bejeweled, they cut you short on time so you will not make any progress on the leader board.

    I know the tokens are worth nothing only to them. because without people buying them they will go down the drain. it is a pathetic and even criminal act they do to the players who love these games. if anybody out there knows any legal action we can take to fix it, I am with you all the way. they are just crooks. I stopped playing for a long time hoping they had changed by now. but they have not.

    If they are being invaded by some other gaming company such as world winners or whatever. that means a lot to me. that shows they have very poor security. I am getting the hell out of dodge... with gsn. it is all a point of making money for themselves. and to keep the gaming (gsn) online going. it is greed, shady practices, and downright crooked what they are doing. please investigate these crooks!!

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  • Ea
      May 02, 2016

    Before I continue, I want it known that i'm not a serial gambler but do it very, very sparingly. I grew up accompanying my paternal grandfather to local horse racing tracks and learned how to read the racing forms from him, my father and uncles. I know gambling hardly pays off for any bettor but if done in small measures you won't necessarily lose your shirt. i've estimated my horse-racing "account" to be 10% in the red. that's why I don't go after it to get ahead. besides, "ahead" means different things to different people. i'm also not one to complain about losing. I expect to lose money, but in an intelligent and measured manner. enough with the philosophy, but what follows isn't sour grapes.

    I recently signed up to play gsn games which I discovered through wild tangent. everything was fine with the bingo variants. I made a few purchases as I was learning how not to burn up my chips. probably spent about $50 so far all in good faith. then I noticed a disturbing trend with their xmas xpress game in particular. I say "in particular" because i've played several variants of the game on their site and can't say for certain whether this occurs elsewhere on gsn games.

    The goal of the bettor is to eliminate called numbers in such a way as to allow the in-game elf access to two presents to score a bingo. i've won a decent amount of them and I don't expect to win all the time. chance is chance - even if its programmed chance and i'm okay with that until I notice a pattern. luckily for me, i've spotted a pattern.

    When you are close to securing a second present, the game suddenly ends even if the available bingo's are in the amounts of one or two. the same thing occurs even if you just want to daub a number for the 8 experience points. that seems an awful lot like "skimming" in that they don't rip you off in ways which are easily detected - they do it by minuscule means. even awarding a user experience points costs them money and by shutting out "one here and one there" on a consistent basis means making a lot of money by not spending it.

    Now, i've been using pc's since windows 95 and currently run windows 7 on a less than two-year-old computer. I take very good care of mine (actually all five of them). I subscribe to verizon fios quantum and have an upload/download speed here at home on par with that of a business. my router is located two feet away from my computer and I have taken every measure possible to ensure I have unhindered access to the internet - not because I use gsn games, but because I like a smooth-running computer. i've taken college courses on how to set up and maintain personal computers. I welcome the challenges to my a nutshell, I know how to keep my end clear of problems.

    So I send an e-mail to them and the first thing they ask me is if the problem is with the gsn website or the game. my first thought is "how the hell do I know?" followed by "this is where the run-around begins", but I told them what I knew and waited for their response. it came and they said the e-mail address I used is not on their records. well there's a way to deal with that. I opened a new tab on the browser and went to my gsn games account page, pressed the "print screen" button on my keyboard, opened "microsoft paint", pressed "paste", made a large red circle around my e-mail address on their website, saved the file and sent it as an attachment and i'm still awaiting a response.

    That's it for the time being, roughly 12 hours after sending the latest e-mail. I will post developments and any resolution(s) to the matter.

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  • Ka
      May 07, 2016

    I have been playing games on gsn for a while, a few month ago I purchased a token pack for $9.99 which I never received. now when I go in and want to purchase a token pack for $9.99 it tells me the token pack has already been purchased and it will be restored. well it was never restored and it no longer lets me buy a pack for $9.99. I tried the $19.99 pack and it worked for a while and now it is doing the same thing, it just keeps reloading and reloading but nothing is happening. now it won't let me buy the $19.99 pack. I am thinking if you want to play they force you to purchase a bigger token pack. I have complained to them but they don't even answer. I am thinking it is time to quit spending my money on this fraudulent website.

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  • Je
      Oct 28, 2016

    Click - bait advertisement insinuating real money to be won. they do not pay out any money. it is a scam that is endorsed by google play

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  • Be
      Apr 22, 2017

    I was just playing on casino page. my daily token total I started out with 45k to start with. I had run the total up to 150k tokens for tomorrows playing. I had alnost pushed the cursor to gain more tokens. this is when the crap hit the fan. the screen went black for 10 seconds came back on an said it was sorry that it had crashed. I pushed the button to reset the page. well it did I had lost 5k from game playing today. then it took me for 105k tokens.

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  • Bi
      Jan 16, 2018

    These people running are real [censor]. you can tell they are in big trouble financially. you can't win anything anymore on anything. I hope they go under for what they do to people. you know the old saying. what goes around, comes around, and they are about to get theirs.

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  • Jo
      May 21, 2018

    You know the games are rigged. when playing a mini tournament, if you get into the bonus, your winnings are posted before you even start the bonus round, in most cases. also, if you exit the app with less than 100 tokens, gsn eats them. your balance is zero the next day. nothing in the tos about a "fee" our whatever they want to call the "donation". I never buy tokens, a waste of money.
    Also, all complaints about the game tell you to reinstall the game. somehow, it's never their fault. even the "lost internet connection" implies its your connection, i.e. your wifi/router. sorry, it's their server connection. notice how it usually only happens during mini tournaments (those 15 minute tourneys).
    C'mon gsn. we're not total [censored] like you seem to think we are. there are other casino apps out there. perhaps they are better. maybe we should all go see and try them. huh? was that your advertisers hanging up on you? oh dear. so sorry, gsn.

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  • Ha
      Jun 23, 2018

    Was playing Blazing Cherries slots after 30 min. finally got free games at which point GSN said they have a connection problem and cancelled my free games which is a bunch of [censored]. No connection problems whatsoever just a fkn greedy game website wanting me to spend more cash. Another SCAM. Cancel your accounts and save your hard earned cash.

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  • Mo
      Nov 02, 2018

    They have charged my account multiple times. I have made a report to the BBB today. This is ridiculous how they have a number yet not one person to talk to. What a scam. I will be going to my bank Monday to get that money refund you can bet on that!!!

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