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Greentree Servicing / Scams, Unprofessional behavior

1 United States Review updated:

I am starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Greentree Servicing. Anyone willing to participate, please send me your complaints for the lawyer.

Elizabeth A Zane
496 Pedricktown Rd.
Logan Twp., NJ 08085


I will get back to each and everyone about what is going on. I have had enough of Greentree and their behavior. I am now on anti-anxiety and depresssion medicines along with my heart attacks fron them.

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  • Al
      29th of Apr, 2010

    I emailed you. Could you please respond with details please?

    Thank you.

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  • El
      30th of Apr, 2010

    I am sorry, but I never received your e-mail. I am collecting names and addresses for the attorney as we know that Greentree will give them a very hard time with their list of customers. Please resend as soon as possible. [protected]

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  • Hj
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    Greentree Servicing - Incompetence
    Greentree Servicing
    United States

    GreenTree purchased my mortgage 8 months ago... they have yet to apply a single payment correctly to my account. This despite me complying with their every request. (1) I have formerly written a letter stating that I want any additional payment sent to apply to the principle balance;(2) I correctly fill out the payment coupon marking the 'apply additional payment to principle'; (3) and I not the additional amount going to principle on the Check memo. For 8 months, I have to call every month to have it adjusted. How can a company never get this correct. I will do whatever to have my payment processed correctly -- just tell me what to do!!?? They tell me I am... and they continue to make the adjustment and then mark my account to ensure it does not happen next time. Where is the consumer protection that allows me to take action due to them incorrectly processing the payment month after month? Who know if I am paying extra interest since my statement has so many corrections they don't fit on their 1-page statement... so they get cut-off.

    This company is incompetent and I am praying a reliable bank purchases my loan... Please!

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  • Li
      28th of Jul, 2010

    I also have emailed you, I sent you my details and address please notify me as soon as possible, thank you for sharing this with everyone.
    I am willing to tell my story in court, if need be.

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  • Sa
      6th of Aug, 2010

    Hello Linda, I emailed you regarding my issue with Green Tree Services. I would like to share my information and be a part of the lawsuit.

    Thanks, Shirley

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  • Jb
      6th of Aug, 2010

    Hello Linda, I have also been HARASSED beyond belief, by Green Tree. I was asked if I was going to spend Christmas at home with my family by "Janie " I
    responded yes and was told that if I did not give her my credit card info that day, Dec. 24, that she was going to send someone to my house the next
    morning to embarrass me. I was 10 days late... They also called an in-laws house that I have never even spoken to and my neighbor which I don't
    know, nice way to meet the neighbor! Again 8 days late..
    Thanks, Joshua

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  • Je
      6th of Aug, 2010

    I would also love to join a class action lawsuit against Green Tree. I have dealt with this very unscrupulous mortgage company since my loan was sold way back in 1997. I will be contacting you via e-mail, Linda.

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  • Ta
      7th of Mar, 2011

    Well they are horrible, my goal this last year was to pay off my mortgage with them. I called for a pay off and it was over $900.00 more than the principal balance on my statement. The customer service rep. was rude and proceed to tell me people like me wanting reduced interest rates reduction on mortgages and not wanting to pay what they borrowed or aggreed upon deserve to be treated rude. Continued to tell me how I was a bad customer, bad checks, deliquent. (I never wrote a bad check to them-they entered the checking account number wrong and just kept sending it back thru to the bank - it is listed as insuffient funds on my account with them.)And that I owed it from 9 years ago. I have never been treated like [censor] just to pay off a bill. I am so glad I am rid of them. I tried to fight all the extra charges never got any type of a solution, they won't work with you. Lawyer time I agree.

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  • Ap
      9th of Mar, 2011

    I sent my email to the class action lawsuit as the company is perpetuating a fraud on me via foreclosure while paying in the home affordable modification scam program. I am with Fannie Mae as insurer so they as servicer (Green Tree) can add all types of false charges and get reimbursed. No govt agency has been helpful either here! What a bunch of crooks. They are not consistet when I call--even lied to my HUD counselor-- who said you will need a lawyer with them.

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  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2011

    Filed bankruptsy in 2001. Greentree did not file necessary papers for court in time. Claimed lawyer did not send them in appropriate timing. Now every month I get a paper in the mail, "THIS IS NOT A BILL". I always pay that amount. I cannot refinance as they did not report my payments to any credit reporting agency. Now I am afraid, since I am not paying a "Bill", That they may yank it out from under me. All I have is the original papers back in 2003 the lawyer recieved saying of the payments I have made. That lawyer is now retired. Believe me, he was extremely frustrated with them. Lisa Madigan our Attorney General can't touch them because they are not an Illinois liscensed entity. I need to refinance and get a "REAL" contract and payment. I started paying on this place in 1998, I am a senior and cannot afford to lose it. Please contact me. I will gladly stand with you. Someone has to stop these crooks. Look at all the complaints. Why is this happening? I feel like this is a foreign country. This is mob mentality, it needs to be put to an end.

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  • Jo
      27th of Mar, 2011

    March 26, 2011
    I have a 2nd Mortgage, serviced by Bank of America Home Loans (they obtained it when BoA bought Countrywide). Bank of America has moved the loan to another subsidiary, called Green Tree Servicing as of March 1, 2011. (How many subsidiaries does a bank need to manipulate money?)

    A letter from Bank of America, Feb 7, 2011; informing me of this did not include a new loan number and said Green Tree will be contacting me with new information.

    The payment was due on March 1... I had yet to receive a statement from Green Tree. I called an 800 number around March 10; the representative said the loan was still in transition between the 2 banks; and not to make a payment until I received a statement and letter from Green Tree. I was also told not to worry about any late charges for the first 60 days as they understand the confusion that can be caused by transferring loans. And when I receive a statement, it would have both March and April totals due.

    I finally received a letter from Green Tree dated March 13 2011; with some information about the transfer and a statement will arrive within the next 25 days.

    I finally got not 1, but 2 statements. One for March with the amount due and the second statement with combination of March and April, just like the person told me. I though great, I'll make the one payment in April.

    I have now been getting harassing phone calls from Green Tree on the March payment being late.. When I talked to the representative from Green Tree and told her what took place and I had talked to another representative, she was rude and obnoxious about me not making my payments (I’ve never have missed a payment). I told her to stop the harassment and she respond “so you like yelling at people?”. Green Tree can go **** themselves.

    I did not ask for my loan to be moved. Bank of America chose to do it. I do not appreciate the untimely communications from this entity; and harassing me because of their slowness to properly bill in a timely matter.

    I also just noticed their statement does not include a "due by" date. At least BofA did that.

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  • Lo
      13th of Apr, 2011

    Please add me..Green Tree is rude and very unprofessional. My loan was sold to them in December and I was out of State working and did not know and made my mortgage payment to old company. I made discovery and told Green Tree Nation Star had my payment and told not to worry. One week later the harrassement calls started and my agent was so damn rude. I told him Nation Star had payment and explained my previous conversation with previous Green Tree agent and told them to call Nationstar. This rude agent told me it was my problem and for me to call because of privacy laws, which I find very odd considering Nationstart sold loan to Green Tree. I finally got another agent that was more understanding and placed conference call to Nationstar and matter was taken care of. At that time I was told I could change my due date to the 16th of the month because when I receive SS check and to request in writing, which I did and I was denied. I told them I would just have to pay late fee because when I receive my SS. Previous rude agent now calls me on the 2nd of the month and tells me my payment is later, yada, yada, yada. I told this agent, I think his name is Victor (SD office) that Green Tree had 15 payment window before any late fees and he told me"You signed papers for payment to be received on the 1st" and I told him I never signed any papers with Green Tree and did the 15 days apply to my loan and he said yes and I asked him why he was calling me on the 2nd when I had 15 days to make the payment. Victor again said payment due on the 1st and I told him he would have on the 16th as my change in due date was denied. Victor calls me 3-4 times a day harrassing me. Victor is a complete [censor] and the mortage company is a scam. I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift.

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  • Jo
      11th of May, 2011

    This company is obnoxious. They are bound and determine to ruin ones credit.
    My payment of 256.20 is due on the 1st of each month on a secondary mortgage (somehow they have managed to become the “servicer). I normally do not send it until around the 10th.
    This is nothing new…. The loan has never had a late payment. The original owners of the loan, “Countrywide, then Bank of America”, never harassed. Yet, this company will start to harass you almost immediately after the first. I sent the payment “certified mail” on the Ninth (so I can verified they got it, I do not trust them, because of a similar problem last month when they took over the loan). Just as I suspected they are starting to harass me on the 10th. At some point I’m going to call an attorney and sue them for unnecessary harassment. I told the person tonight not to call me until the payment is late… there is a 15 day grace period on the loan. I have the contract. (And yes, I understand the due date is the 1st, but my other primary mortgage company (Wells Fargo) seems to live it)
    I have filed complaints with the FTC, the California Attorney General and the Minnesota Attorney General about harassment. I suggest anyone having the same issues to do the same.
    As far as I’m concerned Green tree can ‘go to hell’. Now I’ll be damned if I’ll make the payment on the first. I can see how they managed to kill a person over harassment (goolge green tree lawsuits).
    PS. You can make an online payment for $12… the actual cost of an electronic transfer is a few pennies at the most. So, they pocket $11.99 for the simple transaction. And I will not set up and “auto payment” since I don’t trust these people. Once they have your bank account number, there is nothing to stop them and from what I understand they will take the money not matter what and if you don’t have it, you’ll get an overdraft charge; and they try to collect every day until it clears. Hence, if you don’t have the money in your account until (say) the sixth, that 5 days of overcharges.

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  • Gw
      21st of May, 2011

    The loan on my house is still in my boyfriend's deceased mother's name. She passed away in 2006, and Greentree knows it. We have had a few times where we got behind a couple of months. We always pay what we can to get caught back up. We were short $75.00 for March; February and April are paid in full . Our last payment was made on the 27th of April and they sent us a foreclosure notice on the 13th of May. That is 2 days before the grace period was even up...we are not even 30 days behind. I know we are not behind enough to be foreclosed on. We recently changed our phone numbers due to the harrassing never-ending phone calls and they now have no way to contact us. I believe the letter was sent just because they can no longer harrass us by phone. So now they're harrassing us by mail and threatening to foreclose. GREENTREE will get what's coming to you!!

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  • Al
      13th of Jul, 2011

    How do I become apart of the class action lawsuit and can you forward the information. Green Tree added on a "corporate advance"to my account and extended my fixed FHA loan duration from 30 to 40 years. YES, I said FIXED rate. Ever since they bought my loan it's been HELL! PLEASE HELP

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  • Ke
      18th of Jul, 2011

    I would also like to join your lawsuit. Our loan was sold to Green Tree Servicing in Jan of this year. We have paid over 6, 000.00 in the last 4 months and they still keep adding mis. charges to our account that they cannot explain. They keep telling me to write them and the escrow dept. I have written several times and keep calling. I never hear the same story once. Something different from each person I hear. They keep telling me the letters are in process and we should hear back from them within 2 weeks. It has been more than 3 months. This is the worst loan company we have ever dealt with. Pyts that we have sent in have been applied to different parts of the loan that no one can explain. I just wish there was something I could do.

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  • Ri
      28th of Aug, 2011

    We received a letter from BofA on August 19th that our new “mortgage loan servicer” was now Green Tree Servicing, LLC – and I was furious! We have a 30-yr. Conventional, Escrow & PMI (unfortunately). We have a 15 day grace period with late payments charged on the 16th of the month. For the past 4 years & 7 months we have made the payment on the 15th, direct to BofA – never received a phone call, nothing, everything was honkey-dory. I absolutely DREAD having GTS start taking over our loan payments. If you google Green Tree Servicing Complaints – I hit 48, 800 complaints!

    I am being aggressive from the onset with GTS. I intend on doing the following immediately:

    1. Set up my Auto-Pay with my credit union. No way in hell am I giving GTS my bank account information; payments will be made by the 10th of the month.
    2. Now that I have our “new” account number from GTS – I have a letter ready to go, and it will simply state the following:

    GTS Address
    RE: Our Account Number/Property Address

    To Whom This Concerns:

    Please be advised that in accordance with ARS 13-3005.A(1)(2) any and all telephone calls made to telephone number XXX-XXX-XXXX in regards to the above-referenced account will be recorded and maintained for our records. Arizona Statute states callers do NOT have to be notified and is in effect a “One-Party Recording” state.

    This certified letter is ONLY a simple courtesy in advance to Green Tree Services, LLC, including any employees, agents or anyone acting as and associated with; and/or a subsidary/entity of previously mentioned corporation(s) in regards to this Reference number.

    Dated – NO SIGNATURE because I do NOT want them attempting to copy my signature (and shady companies have been known to do this).**
    **DO NOT SIGN ANY LETTERS SENT TO THEM!!! I have always just initialed letters to any company I write to - yes, people, companies, disreputable companies/employees WILL COPY your signatures!! (software out there makes this very easy to do!)


    3. I will be writing another certified letter to them indicating that We demand per RESPA a monthly statement sent to our mailing address reflecting escrow, PMI, tax allocations, principle & interest payments. RESPA states that if you write to a company they are required to send you a monthly mortgage statement allocating the payments. They are required by law to respond within 20 days.

    4. I will be contacting both my Insurance Company and also the County Tax Assessor to make sure that payments have been made as required via our Escrow account. Thankfully, we are on good friendly terms with our Allstate Agent, and I can keep ahead of the game with GTS trying to tell me Allstate canceled our policy. I KNOW the approximate amount of our monthly escrow payment (within $5.00/month), so they damn well better be applying everything correctly. Once I figure out the math (I’m terrible at it) I will run a 30 yr. amortization schedule and see what happens.

    I love the house where we live - it's *not* a mobile home, but it's a small place, only 980 SF. It's on 3.1 acres by the mountains and where we intend on spending the rest of our lives, and I will not lose it to b*st*rds like GTS. I am extremely worried about our second house – it is in Arizona also, and BofA ALSO holds that mortgage. We HAD been loyal BofA customers for 20 years, but last Nov we closed our checking (2) and savings accounts with BofA; paid off our car loan 2 years early, and have been doing nothing but paying down our CC balances we have with them. So all I can think of is… (a) we are in Arizona where nearly everyone is 50% underwater; or (b) BofA finally took notice that we are not spending any of their money instead closing things and paying things off!

    Here’s a couple of links:
    Making Sure Payments Count – FTC:
    Lender Escrow Info (mid-page):

    IF you are dealing with GTS - and you are NOT behind (but even if you are some things do apply to you):
    1. RECORD, RECORD, RECORD - I can't say this enough. Find out exactly what your State Laws are regarding 1 or 2 party recording. IF you are lucky enough to live in a one party recording state, for the most part, you do NOT have to notify the caller. BUT CHECK YOUR STATE LAWS FIRST - I am not an attorney and am only advising you to FIRST CHECK your state laws before recording. Recorders are cheap.
    2. Answer the first phone call of the day. Once you have answered and told them the payment arrangement, I don't believe per the FDCPA, they may continually call and make the phone ring - UNLESS you refuse to answer the call (even then I think that is "iffy"). Again, RECORD, RECORD, RECORD! Write down the time, date, phone number (if you can figure it out), name of person, and to the best of your ability *exactly* what they said. AND WHAT YOU SAID - even if you lost your temper; you need to be 100% honest even of your own words! (what's really going to be funny in our situation is my husband is the only person on this mortgage, so I cannot WAIT for them to call our number! It is MY phone number - we use mine, since he can't take calls at work, AND my husband only comes home on Sat/Sun, AND my phone number is MY WORK NUMBER! I telecommute/self-employed, and need my phone for work!)
    3. DO NOT GET ANGRY! That's the key. They will do whatever they can to intimidate, harass, piss you off, you name it. SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY PEOPLE - I am JUST trying to make you smile over the situation! I do NOT recommend or advise anything except calm, cool, collected and respectful tones!!! BUT... I can't help but wish or picture myself turning the tables and saying back stuff like..."Wow, that's the first time someone said that"; or "Damn, someone is having a PMS day"; or "Awesome! I'm a deadbeat!"; or if they threaten you are going to get kicked out, "Really? YEAH! WOOHOO! I don't have to clean today! or I LOVE Camping/Hotels"; or, start repeating everything they say - you know how you hate it yourself... "hello, this is so and so from GTS, is this Mr. Deadbeat" - then you say, "hello, this is so and so from GTS, is this Mr. Deadbeat". Well, okay, so I'm probably going to far - but damn, people like this really just make me ARGH! Especially when they prey on people just trying to survive and who are easily intimidated! (here's another one though... *laughing* - The next time they call, just say, hold on, let me get them... then walk away from the phone, start singing a song on the radio.. 5 minutes later, walk back to the phone and say, sorry, didn't they pick up the phone yet? Wait, I'll go get them again... then walk away and start playing with the volume control on an "naughty/oo-la-la/moaning/groaning ex-rated channel or something"... BAH.. IGNORE ME I'm just tossing stuff out there!) Decades ago for public speaking, I was told to imagine your audience sitting there in nothing but undies - it was to calm your nerves.. next time someone from GTS calls you - picture them in their worst, sitting there in their undies, how can that NOT make you laugh!!!
    4. KNOW YOUR STATE FORECLOSURE LAWS! So the next time they start threatening you - and it is against the FDCPA to threaten this - UNLESS they actually ARE going to initiate foreclosure. Print out the laws so you have them in front of you if/when they call. RECORD THESE CALLS!
    5. KNOW YOUR MORTGAGE RATES & YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENT - exactly! IF you don't know this, you are already in deep do-do. You should know your exact PMI, Escrow, Yearly Taxes & Insurance payments from the Escrow. You should know the dates taxes & insurances are due - and then CALL AND CONFIRM THESE HAVE BEEN PAID in the Assessor's office and your Insurance Agent's office.
    6. CONTACT YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL at the FIRST sign of problems from GTS. Don't wait - be PRO-ACTIVE. If necessary, contact your Senators/Congress persons, contact the Attorney General for all offices for GTS, contact the news media, contact EVERY COMPLAINT FORUM Online and start posting. When you post - be CLEAR, CONCISE and PLEASE people - use correct spelling, grammar & punctuation. Quite frankly, you come across as more professional when you do - people will tend to take you more seriously. Yes, I know that's a little bit prejudice, but it's still true.
    7. Mailing letters gets expensive, especially since it appears for GTS people have to end up sending Certified Mail, Return Receipt, Signature Required mail. Take the poor man's route as proof of mailing (I use to do this years ago before computers & saving files). I'd send a handwritten letter with the certified mail # included in the letter, make a copy of it. I'd send out the certified letter to the company, and then, I'd also send the copy back to myself. DO NOT OPEN THE LETTER SENT BACK TO YOURSELF. Keep this for your records, it has the certified mail # on the copy, the postmark date, etc.. so you have proof you sent it. It would also be advisable to track your letter via the website.

    Good luck everyone. You are doing the best you can in extremely bad situations. It's too bad these companies don't realize they would get much more money/payments if they treated people with respect.

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  • St
      25th of Sep, 2011

    how do o become a part of this?

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  • Ss
      27th of Sep, 2011

    I see this post was from some time ago...what is the status of the suit, if it's not too late what do I need to do to become an active participant?

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  • An
      31st of Oct, 2011

    me too...I've had a horrible time with green tree since our loan was taken over by them

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