GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarette ScamGreen Smoke sucks and is a scam!

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I've purchased an electronic cigarette online by Green Smoke. based on the reviews, it happened to be the best one. well its not. Green smoke is a scam and no good. the batters suck i've placed an order thru a video I saw online using coupon code disc10-20844 to save 10% I've recieved 2 batterys with my starter kit and they were great for two months. and then they started to be very bad and Green Smoke replaced the battery and charger free. I recieved a battery from a different manafator as well as the charger. My old battery and charger were much more high quality, but green smoke wants to make a big profit by charging the same price but they are much cheaper to create. Green Smoke wants a bigger profit. Green Smoke affliates are advertising green smoke all over the internet saying its a good products because they want to get paid by green smoke. dont trust green smoke and look into blu electronic cigarettes instead. much higher qaulity then green smoke.
what can I say? green smoke is a scam and a fraudulent company.

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      Mar 05, 2011

    Green Smoke Sucks? I couldn't agree more. The quality of the product has been going down ever since I bought the product. It's way over priced as well because there are other brands out there. Take Apollo for instance. They have a higher quality product, IMO, and the price for a starter kit is half of what Green Smoke charges for one of theirs.

    The other thing I liked about Apollo was that I got twice as much stuff with their starter kit. Including a PCC that Green Smoke doesn't even have available yet.

    The only thing I disagree with is about the affiliates. I use to be one for Green Smoke and they don't pay very much on commissions. If I remember correctly it was 10%. While some of the better brands out there pay 20 to 30%. While many of the new affiliates are selling their coupon code to these coupon sites and never seeing a penny in return. These coupon sites charge you to put your code on their site. So these newbies think, "This is cool! They already have all this traffic coming in and I will be making all kinds of sales!"

    Wrong... They use your coupon code and then redirect the traffic to their affiliate site and make all the sales. If you are an affiliate for any type of product out there, STAY AWAY from coupon sites. DON'T give or sell your coupon code to anyone.

    Again...I agree. Green Smoke SUCKS!!

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