Greenbrier Volkswagen - Chesapeake, VAservice scam

I took my car in for a state inspection and oil change - they are free when you purchase your car there. I dropped my 2000 Jetta off at 9am. I didn't receive a call until after 5pm and they said my car wouldn't pass inspection because they found a leak in the power steering hose. This repair would cost $550 plus another $170 to flush all fluids. I told my dad, and luckily, he knew a thing or two about cars. He said that the power steering hose is the LAST thing that will break on a car and told them to just put a rejection sticker on the car and not perform the repair.

I took my car to Maypaw Tires in Norfolk, VA to have them take a look and do the inspection. They couldn't find ANY EVIDENCE of a leak on the power steering or anywhere else on the car!!

The car passed inspection without having to pay over $700.

That is the last time I will take my car to Greenbrier Volkswagen.

**They also screwed my ex-bf on his newly purchased Passat which cost him over $400 (to repair faulty tires).


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