Green Motion Stansted Car Rental / misleading office location and refusal to rent car. stay away from them.

Greenmotion refused to rent me a car after taking my money. I had never heard of a DVLA check code before as I dont live in UK. I asked for a refund and have heard nothing from them. Their office is up to 45 minutes away from stansted (30 minutes wait for the hilton bus, and 15 minutes journey to the office)
Judging by the horror stories here, I was one of the lucky ones. Here is an exerpt from the mail and the sequence of events:

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am requesting a full refund for the following carhire trip that i booked directly on the greenmotion website as i was refused car hire.In addition I wish to be reimbursed for the cost of the return bus to the airport (6 pounds)

Location: London Stansted Airport (United Kingdom)
Pickup date: Saturday, 2nd April 2016 xxx
Dropoff date: Saturday, 2nd April 2016 xxx

Timetable of events.

flight delayed by 1 hour. Was scheduled to pick up car at 8am, but was going to be late.

8.30 am Had difficulty finding the hilton bus. Please rephrase your location details on the booking confirmation. It is very poor english to say: "From Bay 20 in the bus terminal please do not take shuttle to Car Rental Village".
What does that mean? Can you see how this might be mis-interpreted? Please see attachment.

I suggest it should perhaps read: "The greenmotion office is in the Hilton hotel.The bus to greenmotion office leaves from Bay 20 in the bus terminal (Bay 20 is marked 'Hilton Hotel') . Note: ! Please do not take shuttle to Car Rental Village as the Hilton hotel is not located there."
9am approx. - Now waiting for Hilton bus. The greenmotion claim that the office is only 7 minutes away is disingenuous.The wait is up to 30 minutes, and the coach ride was closer to 15 minutes than 7 minutes for my trip.
9.45am - at the greenmotion office, refused car hire on the basis that even though i had my uk counterpart license, this had been abolished and i now needed my uk social insurance number. I havent worked in england for 15 years. and
I have not been in the uk since April 2015. I did not know and did not have access to my uk social insurance number as i live and work outside of the UK.

I accept that this was buried in section 14 of your terms and conditions.In 20+ years of renting hire cars across a multitude of countries, this is the first time I was ever refused car hire. I dont accept that this was properly advertised on your webpage or booking confirmation page. Why cant you have a line under instructions that says. Warning: If you have UK licence, you must have DVLA checkcode. No DVLA checkcode means no car hire!

In particular i draw your attention to the confirmation email i received from greenmotion, and specifically the section regarding uk license. Quoting from the email that i received from greenmotion:

Dear XXX,
Thank you for booking your car hire with Green Motion.
We are pleased to advise that your car hire voucher is now ready to print by clicking through the ‘review my booking’ button below.
View my booking
We would ask you to carefully check and make sure all of your travel details are correct.
Please remember to have the following items with you when collecting your car:
For UK License Holders
Your voucher
A valid credit card in the main driver's name
Your driving license (Both parts if applicable)
National Insurance Number
Utility Bill
All other License holders
A copy of your car rental voucher
A valid credit card in the main driver's name
Your driving license (both parts if applicable)

Note that it says that the UK license holders must have both parts of the license (which i did), and there is no mention of DVLA checkcode in this confirmation email. It asks for a utility bill. It asks for a National insurance number. I never required these in 20+ years.
I accept there was a change in the law within the last year

10am - charged for return visit to air port . Please see attachment busovercharge.jpg as receipt proof of overcharge. I showed the driver my greenmotion slip. I pointed out my name on his 'incoming' sheet. He looked for my name on his 'outgoing' sheet but could not find it.He charged both myself and my partner 6 pounds for this journey.
10:15am back at the airport looking for alternative modes of transport to a meeting and trying to arrange alternative meeting times.

I expect a full refund for both cost of rental and return trip to airport: ...blah blah blah

I am annoyed with myself for not having researched greenmotion first. One google search would have told me to give them a wide berth. You need to do the same.

I will remove this only if i get a refund

Apr 05, 2016

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