Green Dotprepaid visa - dispute

G Nov 15, 2017

I submitted by fax and email 2 Green Dot dispute forms October 7th 2017 with a total of 7 transactions following green dot dispute procedure and recieved confirmation from both methods the documents were recieved. On October 16th 2017 I contacted GD to follow up as the timeline prescribed had expired with no word and no credit. I was told the forms were lost and I would need to resubmit starting at the beginning despite the error being on the part of GD. I submitted the 2 dispute forms again on October 16th 2017 again by both email and fax and again this was confirmed. Follow up after the prescribed timeline and was told the dispute was not processed because GD does not handle quality of service disputes this was another error by GD as this was not the reason for the disputes. A HO staffer resubmitted on my behalf a 3rd time and assured me the case would be worked asap and no further errors would occur. I was promised resolution by November 15th 2017 at the very latest. Follow up November 15th 2017 and GD is delaying again with no end in sight unethical and bad faith

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