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Deposited $270 at walgreen's drug store on march2, 2016. Came home and activated the card number [protected]. I was immediately unable to enter my account and attempting to use my card a few days later, was told there was only $19 left in the account. I then e-mailed greendot about the problem. They requested a copy of the receipt for the initial deposit, which I sent immediately. After being given a claim #sf1527097 and reference #0152 8998, I was told that the card was already activated prior to my deposit and they would investigate, and call me the next day. After not hearing from them for a week, I called their escalation dept.-cash services and was told that there might be an issue with identity theft or someone obtaining my information and that they were not responsible and they could not return my $270. I am filing a police report and no other information or money has been taken. I am 70 years old and I live alone in a very remote area and no one else had access to this information, and I still have the card. I feel the responsibility for this theft is with greendot, as the money was deposited with them in good faith and the money was taken after they had received it. It's like depositing my money in a bank and then the bank gets robbed and I cannot get my money back. Isn't it the responsibility of the bank to properly care for the money deposited with them? Please contact me if there is any more information needed.
Sharalyn santana
78 silverado trail
Berry creek, ca 95916

Green Dot

Mar 28, 2016

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