Green Dot Online / failure to issue new card upon expiration

Omaha, NE, United States

i have a green dot premier mastercard account that expired on [protected], the premier account states that a new card will be issued when the old card expires. i have not recieved the new card and since it is the first of the month, i wanted to pay my rent. i had a direct deposit that was sent to my card on [protected] but it was not listed as funds added. i had thought that i was to automatically get the new card due to the perks of the premier card that i had. the customer service agent told me that a new card was not sent but they will send one now which i will receive in the next 7 to 10 business days thus i would not be able to access my money until then. her supervisor then came on and said that my premier membership was revoked because i had a negative balance when the deducted the monthly fee. the premeir card has a perk that says it does not count against you when you gain a negative balance for their fees. he stated that i would have to reapply for a card thus spending more money on a card when they sell a perk to avoid that. i told him that i'm very dissatisfied with this. told him that i will contact the nebraska attorney general and file a complaint as well as the better business bureau and everyone else that help in this issue.
i originally got this card to avoid the notorius fees that usbank and wells fargo have on their checking accounts as well as savings accounts. seems to me that anyone with a bank account or a debit card is fair game for these fees. green dot offered me 10.00 monthly that was reduced by 5.00 should i direct deposit 750.00 a month. atm withdrawal fees of 1.95, these were better fees than the banks. i should have known better, somethings do not last long.

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