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Ordered my tax refund on a Green Dot Card, and never received it. The dollar amount was $1400+

This company straight up stole my money.

I've called several times, the first 2 times I called i was assured that the card was on it's way. 20 Days later I called again. This time they promised to fedex it to me for a fee of $20 after arguing in hindi with the agent on the phone, i was able to get them to ship it for free. 3 day delivery time frame.

6 days later I call and they still haven't even shipped the card.

This is just a crappy company with a website and a private label prepaid card that cant even figure out how to use the mail.

IRS, FTC, and BBB complaints are next, for both turbotax and green dot.

Horrible company, don't use them... BTW keep searching, there are thousands of complaints.

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  • Ru
      11th of Apr, 2011

    Green Dot is a crooked company, I had money deposited to my greendot account they stated I had to many deposits and they blocked my card from usage, they sent my Social Security payment back, But the funny thing about this company they didnt stop putting their fees on my card ! which I mind you was suppose to be blocked from all transactions, I sent them documentation notorized and I was told I would have access to my money well let me tell you here it is almost 30 days later and I still have a block on my account and NO access to my money! They keep playing games I will never get another Green Dot card again after I get my money back from them, even if I have to use the funds to hire a lawyer just to get even with this ### company.

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  • No
      14th of Apr, 2011

    I bought a green dot card on Saturday, April 9, 2011. Within the two hours it took me to get home and download it to my grandson's Walmart money card someone had already downloaded it to another card. I went online on the Walmart site to download it andthe card had no money on it. I had paid Walmart $416.64for the $412 that I put on the green dot card. I have my receipt from Walmart and I have the green dot card. The silver strip that you have to scratch off was in place, but my money was not there. They are a crooked rip off company that needs to be shut down. They just keep giving you excuses for whay they can't give you your money back. They told me two days and then two more days and still no money. they have done this to alot of people. It is a scam company and Walmart and every other company that is selling these cards need to give the refunds or quit selling these cards. I intend to contact every retail outlet that is selling these fraud cards and I am also going to sue and contact my congressmen to get involved in this. I am so angry that my grandson who really needed these funds does not have them because of the green dot criminals who absconded with my money.

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  • No
      14th of Apr, 2011

    I did check the spelling on the above complaint so I don't know why it added so many garbage characters. DON'T BUY A GREEN DOT CARD! unless you want to just donate it to their company. DON'T give them your personal information. If they take your money this way, why not your identity?

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