Green Dot Moneypak — money pak

T Nov 25, 2017

On November 24th my husband and I went to the local mall shopping .Our son was home but leaving for work so I recalled having a green dot card in my purse. Shortly after, we waited to see if the money was on our green dot card of which it wasn't. My hubbys first response was to call Moneypak to see why the funds were not transferred yet. He was told by them that it could take up to 2 hours. After that initial call to Moneypak we could never get back through to them. So, we started reaching out to green dot who said their hands were tied and we needed to contact Money pak of which we reiterated that we have tried numerous times with no success. I finally get a supervisor at green dot who then informs me that Money pak does not have a phone or means of speaking with them on the phone that we were victims of fraud. Our last instructions from green dot was to file a claim on the money pak webpage. We did that and now the claim has been denied and we are out our $140. I have called green dot on several occasions and I am getting no where. They cannot tell me who informed me to call money pak and are basically saying oh's our loss!! Why would green dot be associated  with people like this and why would they deny my refund when I was instructed to contact Money pak in the first place by them.

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