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I am so upset about this person's ethics, (or the lack thereof), lack of compassion, rudeness, and out right greed, that I am beside myself! I am a 53 year old, disabled, retired teacher, (taught emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children for 27 years). I was a victim of a terrifying ordeal this past weekend, in which a gun was pointed at me. I had to call the police, and million sheriff's, deputy's and other law enforcement had to secure the house that my puppy, (a mastiff, pit, lab mix), and I were visiting. For whatever reason, I was not permitted to take my dog home with me, and this"Gratitude Farms" came and took my puppy. Now, I have a seizure disorder, and between that and the terror that I just went through, I had a hell of a time tracking down my dog. I was finally able to get the information from the sheriff, and phoned to inquire how to get my puppy. After needing to describe, in detail, what this hard to miss puppy looked like, and the circumstances, I was told that I needed to "prove he was mine", was asked what took me so long, was told that his previous owner, the abusive man that I saved this dog from, had been contacted, because my puppy was chipped, and he "surrendered" MY dog! I was then informed that it would be $290.00 to get y dog back, and I would need to do that quickly, because someone else already wanted my dog! WHAT!? I will now have to lose my puppy because this woman needs to pay off her tummy tuck, or whatever, financed by my misfortune! This is cruel!

Jan 31, 2017

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  •   Jan 31, 2017

    Ignoring all the irrelevant information in your complaint, it boils down to the fact that you bought a dog that was chipped, and failed to update the chip service with the correct information.

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      Nov 18, 2018

    @Wine Is Good If the woman was the victim of a crime and had a pup removed from her without cause, do you really find it reasonable that she should have to pony up that much cash to return her dog? And when it comes to chipping - they’re not honored as often as you think (in this case it seems it was actually addressed) and trying to get the previous owner, if he was actually abusive, to voluntarily turn over the chip info would probably be fairly difficult. Some chip companies will change info without prior owner consent but most won’t. Overall, it sounds like this woman was taken advantage of for being a victim of a crime. Yes, there are 3 sides to all stories but a little more compassion from this breeder/animal control would be nice to see after the plethora of negative reviews. One does not amass such animosity for no reason. There are far too many instances of animals being taken in, knowing who the owner is, and almost immediately offering said animal for “adoption”. It just reeks of greed. I’m trying to be moderate here but there is just too much evidence (yes I looked up the forgery and spoke to some owners who didn’t get their deposits back on dogs that never existed) to sway people toward a negative viewpoint of this business.

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