Mistydays Keeshonds Complaints & Reviews

Mistydays Keeshonds / cancer from health tested stock?

Apr 18, 2019

Linda neal, called me and told me first hand how one of her prize babies, died at the tender age of only 3 yrs old of cancer. The pups name was asha she and her family lived in florida. I was told asha had a wonderful home, parents who cherished her very being, they supposedly bught from...

[Resolved] Mistydays Keeshonds / deceptive theft of my breeding stock

Mar 02, 2019

Linda neal, of mistyday keeshond was a friend of mine for years. my first mistake. in the last 2 years myhealth went from bad to worse, seizures, then a heart attack, then a brain tumor and its removal, another heart attack, a stint, and angioplasty? then I was informed after two years of...