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Grandwest Casino Cape Town / Non Pay-Outs

1 South Africa Review updated:

Many years ago going to Grand West was an enjoyable experience because then you still had a few wins but nowadays all Grandwest casino does is steal the peoples money . I think one person out of thousands leave the pemises happy. Is there no control on how much they make and what they give their patrons? Grand West, I stayed away for 2 years maybe this time I should stay away for good. Put staff in between the crowds and hear how EVERYBODY compains about NEVER winning anything or winnings are so far in between it cannot make up for the losses!

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  • Be
      17th of Jul, 2012

    Grandwest should be closed how can you spend R2000.00 on a machine and it pays you absolutely nothing, we should lodge our
    complaints with the Gambling Board

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  • Wi
      16th of Aug, 2018

    @Bedingest Rigged

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  • Di
      31st of Aug, 2012

    Even if you complain to the gambling board, it wont help.They get the money from the casinos and they are reliant on them making money.Everyone who has complained is convinced by the board that there isnt manipulation going on.

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  • Sh
      6th of Feb, 2013

    I never win even wwith the day cards how can they do that u spend 4000R on a machine and not getting a free spin. And if it do it only gives u nothing

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  • Ma
      24th of Oct, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    Let me tell you all that all the payouts from Grand West Casino are controlled. The moment you insert your card into a machine, a program runs selecting a profile program to run either against you or for you pending upon a number of issues. Every single card holder is profiled on how much you spend, won, lost, frequency of visits, speed at which u play, denominations, machine types...etc.
    There are a number of profile programs running in the background and pending the amount of capital coming in to the casino, the payouts happen only to those that score a positive profile. For Example if you go to the casino a lot...its a negative as they see it that you can afford to go on a regular basis so reward you is not so necessary. Your card is like a bank account where they an track every single cent going and coming. Gambling realistically should be a 50/50 game of chance...but you cant win against a controlled computer. So in essence the whole operation is a legal scam and the Gambling Board is in bed with them. Havent you noticed too many discrepancies when your playing? Noise Levels increase...This is a pay they have to release money back to the floor. Notice how when you start running out of funds and have a few rand left on your the machine suddenly starts giving you a few cents back. Funny how it never gave anything when you had loads on your card.!! Why only towards the end? Because its to entice you and make you think to keep playing as its about to payout. So you load up again only for it to take more. Notice how when you do win something...and then afterwords no matter what you do...where you much you pump cant even get a feature... anywhere.!! Why? Because your profile account is in a negative. The Software is running against you.
    So if only someone had a lot of money and the balls to expose and sue them for unfair business practice, fraud, manipulation etc and take them down big time it will remain one of the biggest cons and scams since Kobus Kweekery.!!!

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  • Pa
      22nd of Mar, 2018

    @MarcoSaint Hi i like your piece, did you anywhere with the fraud thats taking place

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  • Ma
      9th of Oct, 2018

    @MarcoSaint @MarcSaint : I fully agree, the software those machines run on run against you .

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  • La
      31st of May, 2014

    they must close down, if no buddy go there they will close, W.C.G.R.B are same scams lake the casino. because the casino control the board not other way around, .. they not let second casino in cape town because the casino pay them, , in republic cannot have monopoly, , but this can be only in REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA nowhere else, that's why people run out of this evil place and never go back !!!

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  • Ge
      16th of Jun, 2014

    Absolutely agree - It is all card related. Grand Theft, sorry Grand west need competition - GW has become a dump, service is shocking, can never find tech's when u need one, payouts are few and far between - seems to be getting worse. GW need to learn from the casinos in Gauteng on how to run a casino- the sooner a second gambling licence is issued in the western cape the better. That will be the end of GWC's monopoly and they will really have to get their act together if they wish to continue to attract serious gamers. "IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, THE MAN WITH ONE EYE IS KING"

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  • Lh
      17th of Jun, 2014

    Hi My Name is L Hofmeister, Card No: 1823829465 [Acc: 1500545368]
    I was so kindly given a FREE R100.00 on Thursday. To my shock it went into the machine without a cent back. What the hell is happening? IN FACT YOU GAVE ME NOTHING. I WAS SO DISGUSTED. SURELY I SHOULD HAVE GOT SOMETHING? GRANDWEST YOU ARE CHASING YOUR PATRONS. KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK, PEOPLE WILL SOON LEARN THAT YOU ARE RUNNING A SCAM


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  • An
      11th of Aug, 2014

    grandwest has the worst security and management ever for a casino its ridiculous i really thought it could be a safe place i had no idea that they could be so its a place of violence and corruption and will be take this to the media

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  • Sa
      14th of Aug, 2014

    Hi I am Mr.S.Bekko and I'm complaining about da free meal vouchers I receive, because to my dismay I can't go and eat or redeem my food voucher because I'm moslem and the GA restaurant is not halaal! I'm sitting with vouchers which I had toi earn 30 points which is a lot of money to play out but I can't go eat there, Is there anyway way you can refer me to a halaal restaurant that I can redeem my 2 vouchers! Pease reply to this msg on my email address [protected] because my voucher expires on the 18th August and the 25th August sp please sort me out so I can redeem my voucher which I deserve!!! Thank you.

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  • Mr
      29th of Aug, 2014

    I fully agree to all the complaints above grand west is a scam ppl

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  • As
      9th of Sep, 2014

    i was saddened to have received the treatment and service the way in which i have over the last 3 visits to the Grand west casino, i was approached by Ferdie and Randal who work in the in the investigations department who interrogated me, they advised me that they were checking the camera footage and noticed that i haven't been gambling for the last few hours, they proceeded to ask me why am i not gambling and asked who am i with and to present my MVG card. i had then advised them both that i am unsatisfied with the service and that when one decides not to gamble any further i should not be forced and i don't have to be accompanied by anyone to visit the casino, The entire venue vocalizes how WINNERS KNOW WHEN TO QUIT, however the moment in which i stop gambling out of choice i get harassed as to why im not. When advising Randal i would be laying a complaint he advised that i should go ahead and get back to him as to how far i get with the complaint. On the second occasion to the Grand west casino, my foot was ridden over by a large vacuum cleaner on the casino floor and there were no signs indicating they are working or dangerous machinery would be on the floor which is in violation of any health and safety regulation. also adding in addition that my shoes which have been damaged have not been replaced .Initially i was dismissed from the premises because i do not look at 18 even though im 24 years of age, i had no proof of id yet they had let me in and out of the casino numerous times on the same evening . i am disgusted at the lack of professionalism given to me by the staff and i sincerely hope something would come from the complaint as a simple apology would have sufficed in any of the above mentioned situations.

    ashley snyders

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  • Ly
      24th of Feb, 2015

    Something has to be done, this is daylight robbery!! I've been playing at grand west for 7 years now and things have gone from bad to worse and I always say I don't mind loosing but for every thousand rand I spend at least give me a R300 back. You sit on a machine spend R2000 and not one free spin or big win how is that even possible?

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  • Ni
      25th of May, 2015

    People with low IQ who understand nothing about patterns and Random Number generators. The software does not run even close to 100% flat rate, its very glitchy, Platinum holders are complaining not because they pump a lot but because they can start to see bad patterns emerging. 1/10 for appearance. Grandwest looks like total garbage if you compare it to 2005, all the machines are now strictly progressive, you can see this in the layout, the food court is well - the food court, that will never change. Quarterdeck the most branded restaurant is wreck, you "Grandwest" have nothing over the years just increased the head price annually, decreased the variety of food, and still to this day even to Silver, Gold, and Platinum holders who punt your machines do not even offer as much as a free 250ml coke free for the buffet, thats a complete snot gop in patrons faces.

    The only real places worth eating that I really enjoyed was the Golden Anchor and Bella Gina period. Entertainment for kids - Grandwest use to offer cut promo's for goldmembers upwards, that fell away quickly at there own Cinema.

    Every person knows by now the casino is completely BEE (In otherwords racial economic handicapping), Yes grandwest, you have even employed the most racist bar ladies into your own casino, they are negligent to coloured and white people, take there precious time to serve you, start clicking away and speaking loud in xhosa or what ever language they speak if you dont tip them after paying cash - Disgusting.

    Lets cut to the chase and off the negative vibes and go to what really matters at Grandwest. I have been tipped from a very high positioned employee at Sun International that they are infact tweaking the machines and payouts, and are not paying out according to a fair RNG slots game, I had to confront this individual because I understand patterns of online casinos, live casinos as well as online poker, if you would like to see more how badly casinos operate and want to see high level complaints of bad practice, you visit something like . There you can read what the real deal casinos get up to manipulating the gaming software, taking high symbols including scatters out the reels, yes like you never even thought about. Sure casinos must payout a certain %, but when word goes round like the ANC authorised for legal rigging of Sun International casino gaming kinda recently for tax purposing, doesn't that just blow your mind, thats one of the most confidential things that Sun International will never tell you, But I'm telling you straight up what kind of corrupt industry you really support!

    The most baited scam of all time at Grandwest is without a doubt the Wednesday night draws, they bait the whole of Capetown for tickets, but what you don't know is as time flies the draws are not instant, they spread it out to ensure people that come just for the draws play those games because they have already got people like you to the grand entrance, then some MC's always on the Mic spitting there game, feeding you all this information enticing people to play after they have got there draw tickets, and sure as hell before the draw row after row is seat packed and surprise surprise you are winning, losing winning losing up and down, not because the machine doesnt want to pay you, but to ensure you are handicapped and to play long enough until the casino is totally full, fair enough the draw happens, most people start leaving, others stay, the people that you see win big are 90% of the time chasing a negative EV on there MVG card (eg. If you are -R7493.82 down on your account, then you get a hit of R1800+ in the feature) People think Gee's this persons lucky tonight, meanwhile that person had been losing for the past 6 months because he or she only comes once or twice a month to Grandwest and only plays Min bet / Max lines R2-00, or sometimes R4-00. Or in othercases the machine has already made its profit %, and should payout a theoretical % to its players to make sure the "Houses Book" stays neat. Well with the ANC now doing things on their terms, "What book" hey?

    Anyone after the draws or any other night for that matter you get the larneys walking in at 02h00 walking in smelling like a hollywood fresh actor or actress with their myths of how they think they know how casinos operate and how they will only make money after everyone's left, total BS everyone, the same BS that derives from the terms of rubbing the screen, pushing the spin button faster and slower, stopping the screens, machines pay on different betting increments of R2, R4, R8, Max. etc. The worst casino con of all time is definitely the poker and blackjack casino shoes, what ever happened to the classic hand shuffle, you ask any real gambler and they will honestly tell you that made money on those tables on a hand shuffle, that shoe does not even shuffle the deck folks, its the most flawless piece of rubbish to ever exist in a casino.

    Gambling problem? CALL 0 blah blah blah, real government ploy this, its like drink responsibly, smoking causes cancer phone 0 blah blah blah. The government uses all these pathetic messages to make it seem that everything is your problem, but its not your problem, its the government, these neat little creatures are trying to kill you slowly - both health and mentally. When you see messages like these. Be smarter, losers know when to pull the plug, winners got either 0.000001% lucky or made up some sort of a loss and either get up at the right time, or got greedy and just got really thumped. You will not make a living in the casino, face that fact now, Our beautiful country South Africa's economy has not got any better with casinos under a BEE administation.

    Thanks for reading and I hope this was the real awakening to how you should see casinos in general, there are a handful of some real operating casinos, Grandwest is just not one of them, and Sun International as a whole for that matter. In my opinion I just take what I am willing to lose, but the entertainment is really the food, have a couple of drinks and leave, anything longer at any casino will consume you, Do not ever let gambling consume you.

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  • Wi
      16th of Aug, 2018

    @NitroYouth Why dont you report them to the Hawks?

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  • Br
      17th of Jul, 2015

    Went to Grandwest after few months as i wasn't winning anything over and over again. Tonight i was informed that my mvg card expired. Had it renewed. I played out R2000 and never won a cent. The machines weren't winning at all. Just had to continuously put in 100 rand after 100 rand. I decide to inform the mvg lady and was expecting her to at least try and see if there wasnt a glitch with the card. All she had to say was.. So? What do u need help with. The bloody odassity to ask. I will never step my foot in Grandwest as long as i live. U win more at the Worcester and caledon casino. My grandparents have been gambling at least every 2nd week. They have been doing so for more than 10 yrs. And till today they never win more tha 2000!!! Grandwest is stealing money from the people. The machines are programmed to do so.

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  • Re
      15th of Sep, 2015

    I just want to no how can spend over a thousand rand a month for the past 6 months but dont win anything every week me and my husband go but win nothing and if he wins its not more then a thousend rand, I really wanne know wats going on and free play we dont get it way.Grandwest you need to pay me, Im a loyel mvg member.

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  • Ga
      9th of Dec, 2015

    Cowboys don't cry people. If you have the money to lose then go there and have fun and if you win something then that is a bonus. If you go there with the attitude that they owe you something then you have the wrong attitude. It's luck of the draw. If you don't have the money to lose then put R100 a week into a saving account and at the end of the year you will have R5000 plus the interest you have accumulated. The more you see your money grow, the happier you will be and the more you will want to invest further money. Your first R1000 is the most difficult to save and before long you will have made interest and then you will always win - every single month without fail.

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  • Mi
      16th of Jan, 2016

    I have played in casino, s all over the World and on cruises, never have I encountered such unsociable, miserable, croupiers as at your Grand West Casino, they have neither the personality or charm to endure you to even want to continue sitting at the table fun whatsoever ...strictly for hard gamblers not holiday makers!!!

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  • No
      1st of Feb, 2016

    Why the black people are not winning in your draws u just SMS us to come and see other people winning its in fair u take one after long time hayi its in healthy realy

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  • Mo
      28th of Feb, 2016

    Worst casino ever, I'm a regular and have never ever ever won more than a R700 there. I can't believe its like the machines are rigged. I am telling everyone I know to stay away. All I ask is that I atheist get a small win or R10000 to get the millions I've spent there.

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  • Ka
      28th of May, 2016

    Well here is my 5 cents...
    Grand West fight a 2nd casino in cape town because they are worthless ###! They know they are ### and wont be able to compete with another casino.

    We need a new casino and please!!! Not a sun international .
    Bloody parasites!

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