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Grand Incentives / refund

1 FL, United States Review updated:

I made a travel plan was told it was not available and now have tried for 4 months to get a refund. I call and they hang up on me.

Apr 23, 2013
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  • Mo
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    You are definintly a "SCAM OUTFIT" and complete FRAUD. Everyone need to runs when they are offered anything that has "Grand Incentives" name on it. Money, Money, Money is all you want from us. I puchased a "Your Gateway" vacation from Grand Incentives in early 2008. I completed all forms and mailed as directed. Here it is Aug 2008 and I have already paid $100.00 out of pocket expenses that I can not get a refund on.
    One $50 was to make arrangements for the vacation and the other $50 was deposit money. Due to a death in my family I needed to re-schedule and was told I would have to pay an additonal $50 to do so. Each and every time I call no one seems to care; finally after consulting their supervisor I was told they would wave the $50 re-scheduling fee if I could come to the vacation spot (6 hrs away from my home) and when I ask to schedule closer to home then the same story about paying the additonal $50.00 came up. Money, Money, Money as I said...
    is all these people want. If I keep paying the $50.00 I could pay for my own vacation which I will do because of all the reviews
    I've read I certainly DO NOT want to stay where you people have any dealings. The "FREE" 2 night 3 day vacation is certainly not free. I advice each and everyone who reads this to run away as quickly as possible.

  • Bh
      27th of Feb, 2012
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    Grand Incentives is a scam. They do not have the rooms available and they do not return your deposit. I have been trying for 4 months to get my money back and each time they keep telling me that it will be mailed "this Friday". Its all a lie. I've spoken with Carol three time and Connie once, Connie says she's a supervisor (941-552-5070). If a Rainbow Salesman from Gastonia NC offers you a free vacatrion to see his sales presentation then run like h#!!.

  • Jo
      18th of Jul, 2012
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    I agree...I've had similar experiences...What agency can you write to about this outfit?

  • Lu
      11th of Sep, 2012
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    I have been traveling with them for years and never had a bad experience.

    Arian Farah

  • Bc
      10th of Sep, 2013
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  • Bc
      10th of Sep, 2013
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    They are nothing but a SCAMMM..

  • Sd
      12th of Jan, 2014
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    I attended a bridal show and was called twice in one day regarding a "free trip/honeymoon to an all-inclusive resort." To receive this "free" trip, my fiance and I would have to attend a pots and pan demonstration presented by "NutriChef." We went, although I was very skeptical. They did have some awesome products...but they were $5000 for a set! Yeah right! Prior to going I had Googled the name "NutriChef" several times just to come up with no negative reviews. They didn't harass us to buy anything and seemed very sincere about giving out these trips just to get their name out there. At the end of the presentation, they did provide us with the information on how to book our trip. The company they use to book the trips through is "Bella Bridal Network" who also goes by the name "Grand Incentives" AND "Simplicity Life Travel." After Googling all of these companies, here is what I gathered. There are a lot of reviews from people who didn't even go to the presentation and just assumed it was a scam. But here's the truth: yes, you in fact DO get a trip. HOWEVER (you should have known that was coming) there is a catch. Before you can book your trip, you have to pay $24.99 per person for an application fee. THEN, you have to pay $50 per person to upgrade your trip to all-inclusive. And of course you pay the taxes (the only cost that was mentioned in the presentation.) After you have paid that, you pick the top 3 destinations you would like to travel to along with the travel dates, and the travel dates for all 3 HAVE to be 30 days apart. They will not tell you which one you have received and you will not receive a confirmation after you put in the request. You have to physically CALL 30 days before the first choice and then they will most likely tell you to call back 30 days before your next selected date because that selection has no available rooms. You call back 30 days prior to the next selected date...same thing. Third? You guessed it, same thing! They will then apologize that all of your selections were unavailable and booked, and then send you to a destination of THEIR choice. (Yeah, good luck with getting a good rate for a plane ticket 30 days before you're scheduled to go on a trip.) At this point, you will probably accept anything because you are so annoyed and out about $250 (and about 3 months past your wedding) OR you will request a refund...which you will never get. I would prefer to skip the BS and just book where I want to go through the resort website and have the security of knowing I have a guaranteed honeymoon/trip booked. Like I said, it's hard to find actual reviews about someone really receiving the trip; mostly it is everyone being skeptical about the presentation (which can be from different companies than NutriChef) and automatically assuming it's scam. It is, but it isn't at the same time. While you get your trip, it's not entirely free. You will be paying taxes, application fees, upgrade fees AND lose a little bit of sanity along the line. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Nothing in life is free. Good luck to you!

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