Grand Incentives / Fraud

United States

I was given a certificate with the option to upgrade. I did so, and registered my certificate through Their website on May 2, 2014.

I attempted to get in touch with your company to get a status update, and each time I have had to wait at least an hour to speak with someone. When the representative finally answered he was rude and confrontational when being asked simple questions. When I asked to speak with someone else, he stated that he was the only one I could speak with. He finally confirmed my trip information, and told me that I would not get a confirmation until 30 days before my chosen date.

Today, August 12th, I contacted the company again, and waited an hour before I reached a representative. It was the same individual I had spoken with in my initial contact with the company. After confirming my certificate number and code, he proceeded to tell me that I would not be able go to my chosen destination, that the website was wrong and they were changing the website, and that he had not confirmed the information with me in our previous contact. When I tried to explain that I had written confirmation, he became rude and refused to continue the conversation.

On both occasions of dealing with this company, the representative was rude and confrontational, refuses to let you finish a sentence, and hangs up on you when you try to explain that you have written confirmation of your requests.

I believe this is all in an effort to discourage the individual from using the certificate (in addition to Simplicity Life Travel charging you a fee when you register the certificate) that they say is refundable, but they won't refund your money.

Aug 12, 2014

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