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this school is not a christian's school this is a groupe of criminal called staff you will never have any thing resolved they are taking care of the situation by thenself still indentity they will transfere you to their co-worker who will play the dean or director they will ripp-you off your money do you know about dont tell this is their bible if you have a chance to talk too an associe dean he will not resolve the problem he will have one af the mafia member called you and they will asked you why did you called the DEAN and they will make your life miserable beleive me you will failed they will do it for your they are criminal

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      6th of Aug, 2010

    I am appalled by the last comment. I received my MBA in Leadership from the Ken Blanchard School of Business of Grand Canyon University in May of 2007. I was hired as a full-time college instructor within days of completing the program. I am the envy of my peers. I learned a great deal at this fine institution. Ken Blanchard is a well known God fearing man who is not ashamed to own up to his Christian principles. He has written and/or co-authored several books including the One Minute series and Lead Like Jesus.

    When I needed assistance, I contacted a dean, Dr. Kathy Player. She is not a mafia hit woman. She is an extreme professional who believes so much in Grand Canyon University that she enrolled in the MBA program, even after having a Ph.D. She was very helpful to me, and she really showed that she cares about the students.

    I can tell by this poorly written complaint, that the author is uneducated and inarticulate. The complaint looks like a text message. I must consider the source here. Besmirching the reputation of a great university because of a bad personal experience, or the inability to perform at a college level, is uncalled for. I am sending my daughter to GCU for her master's degree as well. I stand by this school and the excellence that it represents.

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      12th of Sep, 2010

    Do not judge and you will not be judged. How do you call a person who speaks his or her experiences uneducated? Something, that they feel or have experienced. It is a real situation that they've gone through. Just as you can be perceived as a poor minded uneducated indivudual. So, your daugher goes to GCU not like its Harvard. And the way you are braging makes me wonder how much education you have. If I were to discuss my level of education and work ethic you probably couldn't compete. I speak four languages which english is not my first. I will not discuss my level of education with you I know it would be difficult for a person like you to understand.

    As far as Christianity goes, if people who say they are true Christians read the bible followed Jesus and did not fear God(God is loving, how can someone who is loving be feared) the world would be a better place. Don't use the Lord to harbor your ignorance just as this school who says they have Christian values have alot of employees who are not Christians nor are they Christian like. As a true christian, I have to say I have to pray for you and yours alike. Because, it is only God that can judge..

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      12th of Sep, 2010

    Wow! That hurt. Sorry if I offended you. I was just expressiong my opinion. Don't take things so personal. We are all entitled to our opinions. Aren't we?

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  • 4b
      9th of Feb, 2011

    I don't want to get too much into your discussion but I earned my Masters at GCU and now I'm trying to earn my Doctorate. Well I have emailed Dr. Player several times to assist in resolving my issues as well as my husband who is also a student who was suppose to graduate in June 2010. She didn't help she passed the buck to her lower people, who did nothing but a temporary fix. Well now he is not because they suddenly found that he is short 6 credits and he is at his aggregrate limit for his Bachelor degree. This is kind of strange because the very same thing just happened to me at the beginning of January. Professor G, it sounded more like you were taking cheap shops instead of trying to help resolve the issue. When I read the above comment I saw that it was someone who is upset, if they have had this experience then it means they went to the same school you and I did so they must be educated, right? Where is your loyalty for your degree, Professor G.? I am still trying to address my concerns with GCU before I really start to post on this site. I'm in the last classes of my degree and trying to work on my dissertation (it is very hard when you are worried about academic scheduling problems as well financial aid problems). So since the Professor has all the answers as to who to go to for help, give them to me. Papouti1, keep your chin up and don't let know it all people dispurse their opinions when they have no ideas of a bad experience. My husband has a funny saying, "Don't get in a battle of wits with an unarmed person!" :)

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  • Gc
      16th of Feb, 2011

    Hi 4boysmom,

    I'd really like to assist you in finding a resolution to your situation by connecting you with the right parties. Could you please reach out to me directly and I will be happy to do all can to help.

    I can be reached at robyn.[protected] or [protected]

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me!

    Robyn Itule
    Social Media Strategist

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      27th of Feb, 2011


    Thanks for your offer to help in this situation. Your offer reminds me of my experience at GCU.

    To all who follow this complaint:
    I have expressed my opinion and been sensitive to those of others when accused of crossing the line. I understand what it is like to receive poor service. I just think it is a shame to disparage the reputation of an entire university because of a bad personal experience. I think that, down the road, we will all benefit from not discrediting the institution where we are getting our degrees. I received a great education at GCU. I have an investment in time and money there too. So, it's quite natural for one to get a little sensitive when his alma mater's reputation is attacked.

    That said, I truly hope that the situations work out for 4boysmom and anyone else having problems here. It would be a shame for you to waste you time an money, and not get a degree.

    Professor G

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