Grand Canyon University / my complaint is the misleading financial aid information.

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I attended 4 classes and decided the school wasn't for me but since the pay periods are set up for every 3 classes I am now being told I have to pay for the other two classes I never attended or posted in. Supposedly this is because my funds were returned to the board of education except I still have to pay for those funds that I took out through the federal loan department. I should not have to pay twice for classes I never took. The school also never gives you a document where you sign and agree to this.

Sep 13, 2017
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  • Kr
      Oct 25, 2017

    I am five classes away from having a Masters degree. Grand Canon has been pending by Fin Aid science Sept 24. I have almost done and my Aid has not even processed. I was told that because I am over the credit limit, I have taken 3six credits but should but my program was for only 34. I have called and called asking why after six weeks my Aid has not even ready to certify, they keep saying everything is okay it is just taking a while. I never talk to Finical Aid only my student service person, ever wondered why? All they have to d is send out an Affirmation letter for me to sign for any over amount, it is not that difficult. For what ever reason, no one knows what to do. All my finial classes cost five thousand total, I am at the finish line and they want to hold up Aid. This school, if I can call it that needs to be sued or shout down, messing with Aid is a Federal offense.

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