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Going back to school was a large step for me financially. I have 2 children that are college students. I thought it would be great to complete my education. It was something I wanted to do for me. I work full time so online was the way to go. I spoke to many online colleges and Grand Canyon University really seemed to fit my needs, but expensive. I only completed my enrollment after my "unoffical transcript was reviewed( knowing my offical is the exact same transcript). They were going to transfer 84 credits, so I would only have to complete my core classes. I thought great, I can handle it financially with student loans. Well almost 9 months later and 4 classes completed at Grand Canyon I was informed that the school made an error reviewing my transcripts and that I still needed another 30 credits. I understand Unoffical and Offical transcripts, but it took 9 months to review my Offical Transcript? Grand Canyons answer to me was that "the offical transcript was miss filed" FYI, I had sent them 3 offical transcripts because they said they never received the first two! Now I am $6300.00 in debt ( 4 classes) and can't complete my education because I can't afford the additional cost. The school will not do anything to help me. I offical response from the school took 6 months. Make sure you get everything in writing. Keep all your emails! The staff seems to change every couple months at Grand Canyon University.

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  •   Aug 12, 2010


    Please contact me directly and I will see your situation is addressed promptly. I apologize for any problems you have encountered to date.

    Robyn Itule

    Social Media Strategist
    Grand Canyon University

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  • Ve
      Aug 13, 2010

    I too have had a rough time with Grand Canyon University. I informed the counselor that I would not be able to afford the tuition and would need financial aide. Well first they could not find where I had applied, by the time they found my paper work, I recieved an email that I needed to find another instituion to loan me money, they were, "out of money?" I found another lending institution and then they stated to me we have your paper and you have been granted financial aide, well when the semseter was over and I tried to register for class for the next semester, I was not allowed. I contacted the financial aide department by phone 13 times and by email. No one would return my calls. 1 year later I recieve a call from Grand Canyon wanting to know why I did not continue my education? First of call I don't know what happpened to my financial aide money and secondly now I have to try to pay the collection company they turned my account over to. Please do not deal with Grand Canyon.

    Birmingham, Alabama

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  • Ek
      Aug 16, 2010

    I hope that you have contacted Robyn as she helped me get in contact with some people who could help me. Not sure what program you are in, but for me I had to change my program of study. Thankfully, I am in my first class and the financial aid had not been posted yet to my account so I was able to change my major. As a result, I was able to change my major to Applied Management, which allowed my credits to come in and is a better fit for my Business Program. Not sure if something like that would be a good fit for you or not?

    With that being said you may find out the following: Most schools and Grand Canyon is one of them, where you can only change your major once a year, so you may have to wait until next year. This may not help you as a result, especially with funding, so you may want to appeal the decision especially if the school has admitted to "misplacing" the transcripts.

    Prayerfully all works out as school is hard enough without these extra challenges especially trying raise a family too.

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  • Ej
      Feb 20, 2017

    Currently, I am a student at GCU and have the same problems as everyone complains about. First, every time the check comes around, it is ALWAYS short at least 4-500$. Now, the problem has escalated and have gone a full year with 0 checks. However, my account AND W-2 show that the money was received by GCU. When you ask them a question, it takes weeks, sometimes months for them to return your email and even then, they do not address the issue. Miranda is the one handling my account and now says since it's a new academic year, I will not receive the checks for any of my completed classes. Yet, I have to file for money that I DID NOT receive? No. I am looking into a civil lawsuit against GCU. Additionally, they will not release a projected graduation date and have been attending for almost 6 years now...trying to get a BACHELORS in Business. They constantly change their status from "For-profit" to "Non-profit" which leads me to believe they are stealing money. Considering their courses are crap, NO ONE will accept the courses. So, I have to continue going there and allow them to rob me just to get the degree I wanted. Or I can transfer no credits and start all over at a real institute. Don't buy into this crap and do not attend GCU. I have most e-mails saved and my account information saved. I will be pursuing a lawsuit against this school. I hope they get shut down. Claiming to be a Christian college and then doing this to so many people. Do yourself a favor, do some research and you will see the same exact problems I have, Thousands of others have. GCU is a fraud.

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  • Bf
      Jan 07, 2019

    These comments are so sad!! I will not go into a long story because my story is bits and pieces of most stories listed here. In short, I was in my dissertation stage (PhD program) I needed time off because I had been going for almost five yrs straight. I got the time off but then I got into a bad car accident and ask if I could take a little more time off I ended up getting played off. However, I tried to go back and they told me I owed a balance. I told them could pay payments Pat told me she would not reinstate me unless I could pay in full after telling me she would allow me to have a scholarship that would pay the fee! The reason why I had a fee is because I was calling and calling my academic advisor to see if I needed to do anything else to take the leave he never called me back, no one called me back finally I got some New counselor on the phone and she told me I had a balanced and I needed to pay!! My story does not end there but the bottom line is Ithey lied, I couldn't get in contact with my counselor for weeks and they would not restate me so I'm stuck without finishing my PhD program. I am so mad because I worked hard plus I paid cash all those years!!!

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