GrabCar Toyota Vios | Eduardo Limpin De Fiesta | VU 9465bad service + bad attitude

July 26, 2018 | I booked a ride with enough time for waiting & the drive itself, since this driver came in opposite direction, he said he doesn't know where to do a turn so I said there's no one way in the area and he can turn his way in any street that we can take the shortest and easiest route. But he insisted on his own and ignored my suggestion, then I saw he's just following the waze and was not really familiar with the place. If a driver doesn't listen to his passenger, that means he doesn't value or respect you as well as your time. I tried to control my temper to see if he's concerned and would drive faster as possible but he didn't. He was driving so chill as f*k and even sang songs along with the radio and when I reminded him of his driving he said he's driving in a safest way. He even mocked me and said my attitude is bad & should've refused the ride, and in the end I was late. Thank you for the bad service. Didn't hear any apology

GrabCar Toyota Vios | Eduardo Limpin De Fiesta | VU 9465

Jul 26, 2018

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