Grabcar Malaysia / the extremely bad attitude of crazy driver


I booked Pann Ah Fatt (VG 5382) Brown Perodua Bezza just now. When he said he arrives, I cannot find his car, so I give him a call. What happen is he answers my phone with a very very bad attitude and he is extremely no manner. I spoke to him politely, and politely asked him to drives in front of Ossoto KL (the place where I request him to wait), but he didn't arrives too, after I wait for about 10 minutes, I cancel it since I am rush of time to bus station. What I angry is after that he call me to scold me since I cancel his car. What a bad service attitude and this make me really disappointed on Grab car service. I wonder why Grab employ someone like this to become a driver. He totally destroy the quality of Grab car service. Please take appropriate action towards this person. Thank you

Grabcar Malaysia

Jun 27, 2017

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