Grabcar Malaysia / harsh driving, rude, force to give 5 stars

I'm very upset with this grab driver. I've been using grab for almost 4 years. This is the worst driver that I've came across. Since I get in the car, he force me to rate him 5 stars. I said I'll rate once I arrive only. Then he started driving in a harsh way. Overtake all the cars, honking and all. Even the other drivers on the road, scolded him. Me as a passenger was afraid to be in the car. Then, because of his over speed driving, he missed the turning point to my location and he started to shout out to me that I should inform him. I just remained silent, he again shouted at me. Please do take action against this driver. It involves people life. Thank you.
Driver details - VAT5127 (ooh chee hoe)

Grabcar Malaysia

Jul 31, 2018

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