Grabcar Malaysiagrab driver

This rude driver (Perodua Alza plate number VQ8726) refuse to open door and give a sign language from inside that his cancelling the booking. I was standing outside his car as at first I don't understand what he was trying to say. After waited for few minutes, I knock his front food again and ask him, he than showing the same sign language and showing his watch. I got down within 5 minutes to the guard house and he don't give a chance for me to explain. I'm a loyal customer of grab but today's incident make me feel why we are giving an opportunity to this kind of idiot who act worse like animal. I want this driver to be remove from grab as believe I'm not the first customer he acted such way. He don't have sense of humanity and should not be given an opportunity to serve customers.

Dec 02, 2018

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