[Resolved] GoodLife Fitness / money for no training

Oshawa, ON, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 9054314030

The training Institute of Goodlife Fitness has a course to train trainers and the cost is $500. They state that if you do not attend the training course then your money is non-refundable. They also state that there is an E-Mail to tell you when the course is being held. When you do not receive this E-Mail and the course is completed they then want to not refund your money or offer you a reinsertion to another session for an extra $115. In my complaint they stated that they sent an E-Mail but I did not receive it and it cost me $500. Their method of doing business is not upstanding to the name what Goodlife Fitness stands for.

  • Resolution statement

    Goodlife Fitness was prompt in contacting us over this complaint and after resolution of issues that were mentioned I agreed to retract all printed complaint but this site will not allow that. They resolved to refund our money and I am pleased with the professionalism that they exhibited in the means by which they resolved our issues. In summary I am now pleased with Goodlife Fitness Institute and their method of doing business.

Feb 17, 2015

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