Gold's Gymemployee purposely destroyed equipment

I use golds on along with other city employees even though many other gyms are cheaper and include special privileges like bring a friend, free, and tanning because golds has amenities. Pool, basketball and Raquetball are the best of them. When my friends and I found out about the Raquetball court we decided to begin playing for excersise. And it was excellent that just like the YMCA and every other racquetball court in the city if you didn't have your own racquet golds on NW expressway and Portland in OKC, Ok., provided one for you. Arriving to my Golds one day I found all (4) four racquets had been destroyed. The blond haired heavy set white male with glasses lied and said that golds never provided racquets and doesn't have to. He went on to say Raquetball is not the gyms ammenity and the gym would soon tear down the court before having to provide racquets for its members. So I called and spoke with the gym manager and nothing was accomplished. I want to feel like my gym cares about me. I want to see the money I'm dedicating to my gym every month well spent on the wonderfully things that make my life simple and enjoyable and quite simply put if my gym doesn't think I'm important enough to listen to I will be forced to find a place along with my friends that cares about its members.

Jan 22, 2017

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