Gold's Gym, Clarksville TNfalse advertising/child care issues

Golds Gym of Clarlsville Tennessee falsely advertised that their new gym opening would have unlimited UV tanning, spray tanning, sauna and an indoor track. Almost two years later they decided NOT to have those amenities. I am a VIP member and got my membership for those amenities and for child care.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Clarksville, TNGolds Gym was recently denied the daycare license and can only have 14 children in the child care room thus resulting in wait times that exceed over an hour long. The owner refuses to allow members out of their contract due to these issues unless we pay 30 days upfront AND the $99 cancellation fee. I know that these are franchises and unfortunately this location does not operate by the same standards as other locations. It's very unfortunate because this is a military town and the owner is taking advantage of the military and the rest of our community.

Gold's Gym, Clarksville TN

May 17, 2017

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